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  1. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the delivery of a fully managed virtual desktop instance (VDI), hosted on cloud infrastructure. DaaS enables users to access corporate applications and data via a familiar Microsoft Windows desktop experience on almost any device connected to the internet. Following are the benefits of Desktop as a Service Improved Accessibility When Desktop-as-a-Service is utilized as the desktop management strategy for a business, employees realize much better accessibility. The reason is DaaS can be accessed from any device that can connect to an internet connection. Meaning regardless of the device or operating system (Android, iOS, phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer) the employee can access their desktop. Increased Productivity Building on the benefit of the improvement in the employee’s ability to access their work product, businesses who utilize DaaS realize increased productivity and the ability to meet operational goals ahead of time. The reason this is possible is that employees can access their work product regardless of their location. All they need is an internet connection and a device capable of using that connection. Problem solved. Now, your employee can log in from home, at the doctor’s office, on the train for the morning commute, enabling them to engage with their coworkers and move projects forward without interruption. Lower Operating Costs Lower costs drive many marketing campaigns for a wide range of new technologies fighting for limited budgets, but when it comes to DaaS, cost savings are not just a buzzword. The reality is Desktop-as-a-Service does save businesses money. Ways that the technology accomplishes this is by reducing CapEx, rent, and utilities for businesses that utilize the technology. Companies using DaaS can quickly implement BYOD strategies, enabling employees to use the technology of their choice and removing the line item from a businesses budget. Additionally, since DaaS works through cloud technologies, business’s can save money on rent and utilities as they no longer need the server closet to house corporate data. Greater Agility & Responsiveness When employees are not tied to a physical laptop or desktop, they are much better equipped to respond quickly to customer requests and industry demands, enhancing the overall corporate agility and responsiveness to the fast-changing business environment. Enhanced Security Keeping up with cyber hackers and other malicious sources is a full-time job, and it’s no wonder why businesses choose to employee strict desktop management strategies that maintain full control over an employees desktop and access to their data. DaaS can help companies to solve this challenge by removing the burden of keeping up with cyber attacks. Providers spend a lot of time and money recruiting the highest qualified cybersecurity experts. After all, their reputation is on the line as much as yours is. I hope this information will be helpful! Mark Wilson
  2. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software, a free, open source live video production software that’s supported by a large community of developers from around the world. OBS Stream can be used for live video production, live streaming and video recording. When you first download and install OBS, a setup wizard will ask you if you would like to optimize the software for recording or live streaming because it has the ability to mix together many different audio visual sources into a live video production environment. OBS also supports many plugins which can extend its functionality to include features such as NDI support, VST plugins and stream deck controls. I hope this information will be helpful! Mark Wilson
  3. A Simple Method to Move MBOX Emails to Outlook/PST To move the MBOX format emails to PST, you have to follow these three simple steps: Save MBOX emails as EML files. Drag and drop the EML files to Outlook. Export emails to PST files. Save MBOX Emails as EML Files Open the MBOX email client. Right-click on a folder and click New Folder option. Enter a name and click Create Folder. Select all the EML messages you want to migrate and move them to newly created folder. Now all the emails are present in the folder. Choose all the emails and select the Save as option. It will save the emails in EML format to any desired location. Drag and Drop EML Files to Outlook Open the folder where EML files are saved. Select all the emails and simply drag and drop them to any Outlook folder. Export Emails to PST Files To export the emails to a PST file, follow Fil > Open & Export > Import/Export. In the Import/Export wizard, choose Export to a file and click Next. Select Outlook Data File (.pst). Click Next. Go to the folder where EML files are saved and click Next. Input a location for the new PST file, choose the desired option, and click Finish to end the process. Know more about Email Migration Service in detail. I hope this manual method will be helpful! Mark Wilson
  4. Method 1 — Remove Brother Printer software If you do not activate Brother Printer, error code-30 message, and your Brother Printer software may be the issue. This software can sometimes interfere with your device and cause this and other errors to persist. If you resolve the issue by uninstalling the Brother Printer software, you may want to try using your Brother Printer without it. Method 2 — Ensure that your Brother Printer drivers are out of date Brother Printer not activated, if your Brother Printer drivers are out of date. Outdated drivers will stop you from printing documents, but simply by updating your drivers, you can fix this problem. Method 3 — Choose your Brother Printer manually According to individuals, not activated by Brother Printer, error code-30 appears when attempting to print documents using a quick print option. Your applications may sometimes automatically try to use the Print to PDF feature, which may cause the error message to appear. I hope all these methods will be helpful! Mark Wilson
  5. Sometimes, the computer fails to download the update files completely because of a poor network connection, lack of memory or untimely termination of the program. There are many other reasons as well. User Account Settings takes care of security and control of programs or apps that utilize internet connection for their functioning. This checking sometimes interferes with the update functions of QuickBooks. QuickBooks is mostly configured to work through internet explorer. In fact, Intuit encourages the use of Internet Explorer for using QuickBooks. So, if Internet Explorer is not the default browser, its access to the network might get interrupted. Improper program files or incomplete installation directly impact the way QuickBooks installation works. Some important components should be present for software smooth functioning. Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15270 We now have a list of QuickBooks update Error 15270 causes. We shall address each issue one-by-one. Note that not every fix mentioned here is compulsory, it depends on what causes the issue. The fresh download of updates. Here, we are resetting the updates and then downloading them afresh from the website. These are the solutions you can use In case this problem arrives. Restart QuickBooks and if it prompts for an update, click on Later. Go to Help and then click on QuickBooks. In the window that opens, click on Update Not and continue the steps shown in the window. Click on Reset Updates and confirm the prompt. In the same window, Get Updates option becomes active, click on that. on QuickBooks Update Service, select Install Now, Restart QuickBooks. User Account Settings Navigate to Control Panel and go to User Accounts. Open User Account Controls and slide the option to “Never Notify” and click OK. Restart your computer. I hope both these methods will be helpful! Mark Wilson
  6. Causes of QuickBooks Error 103 There are various causes that lead to Error 103. Some of the causes are listed below: When a cookie missing. Permission denied turning on the hardware facility. When the .msi file contains bugs. QB Error 103 code configuration problem. When internet browser configuration is missing. Resolve QuickBooks Error 103 Method 1: Click on verify your credentials link displaying the error message. A separate window will open to your bank’s website. Re-enter your login details. You have to log-out from the bank’s website. Now Go to QuickBooks Online Re-enter the same username and password. Click on Update sign-in info. Method 2: Select Banking for the account from the left menu. Now select Edit Sign-in info. Click on the hyperlink to open the bank’s website. You will see a new window on the bank’s website. Ensure that you are able to see account summary and other details without any problem. Check if you are able to access your account through the website. I hope both these methods will be helpful to resolve QuickBooks error 103. Mark Wilson
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