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  1. Someone knows where I can find the exact model of trackpad used on that model so I can replace it ? Would prefer to find out exact model without having to completely unmount it to find reference on trackpad itself ! Thanks
  2. Thanks for link but unhappy it doesn't have too the W355St Service manual, only 350 and 370 that I had already found somewhere else ! Should I do a combination of these two services manuals for the W355St ?
  3. Hi I'm looking desperatly to find the service manual of Clevo W355st. I want to change keyboard, trackpad and internal M2 storage and wants to unmount it properly not to break anything ! I have done quite a few searches on internet but had no luck for service manual of that specific model ! I have contacted the french reseller PCW that promises to send it to me by email but never does it :-( Thanks for help, Vincèn
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