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  1. HTTPS://TWITCH.TV/ANDERITOS135 I stream every blue moon
  2. Title basically, what are some of your favorite VR games, especially lesser known ones? What are some good co-op VR games to play online with a friend? Some of my favorites: -Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades aka H3VR. Best firearm simulation game in VR bar none -STRIDE early access but its like mirror's edge in VR. Not for the motion sick -Pistol Whip is the best exercise you can get in VR, imagine beat saber with two guns -Blade and Sorcery with Star Wars mods! -SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I've played in ages.
  3. I've had my Valve Index for a while now and the improved resolution and frame rate over other comparable sets make all the difference. I can wear it for hours, especially with the PU leather facial interface. Not to mention the controllers are attached to your hands, and just feel extremely natural. I might use it twice a week for 3 or 4 hours, and maybe other days I just bust it out for a couple rounds of pistol whip or beat saber to get a little cardio in. Worth every penny and there's always more stuff coming out.
  4. I got my Index just the other day. The HMD is the best available right now, but the controllers are really what makes it that much better than the Vive. They're just really awesome, and Im so glad I waited to buy the Index and not the first gen of headsets. Get the Index.
  5. I have a iBuypower CZ-17 laptop, with a 2012 AMI BIOS that has E1762 as the version, which I believe means I have an MSI G70 motherboard. It has a 675MX GPU, but it's not useable in Windows 10 despite being "seen" in the device manager. I believe an updated, unlocked BIOS would fix my issue and have located the thread on this site with the BIOS I need. First of all, am I right? Will this fresh BIOS make my laptop that originally ran Windows 8 work with this old GPU? And second, I created this account, will wait 24 hours and made this post. Is that enough to allow me to download the file, or do I need to post elsewhere? Thanks!
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