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  1. Could someone please send me the GTX 675m 2gb vbios ? Thanks in advice.
  2. What do you guys like more? I like it more if the Autotune is really low, i dont like these hardcore autotune songs where you think there Raps/Sings a Robot.
  3. Intel Pentium 3 i think with 256MB Ram and Geforce 4mx ??? its too long ago.
  4. Thank you for the Guide, it helps me alot with my Alienware M17X R4.
  5. Hmmm external Graphic Docks are nice, but never gives us full perfomance i think.
  6. I like Discord sound quality, but TS3 is oldschool king.
  7. Use CCleaner, uninstall unused Tools, Softwares Check your CPU that is not Throttling. Reinstall Windows if nothing works AND if you has a HDD then buy a SSD
  8. I comment this now because i also wanted that to know, thanks for help kafalar
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