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  1. Hi everyone, sorry if this seems "spammy" and whatnot but I wrote a guide about PC building and I would want to share it. Maybe it will help someone get some grasp on PC building and at least know what to look for, or just get a second opinion. Here's the link cbd hemp flower bulk
  2. If a GPU is nothing more than a processor/memory/fan assembly dedicated for graphics, why not build one yourself? Would you be doing it with a second motherboard? Dual-CPU mobo? Some sort of PCIe adapter? Is there any sort of community out there building DIY graphics cards? 208 miles from Houston to Corpus Christi
  3. Hello, I am looking for a 300+ page spiral-ringed graph-grid notebook for daily writing/note taking that will not or very minimally bleed using Muji gel-ink ballpoint pens. It doesn't need to be fancy looking (a plastic cover is fine), what matters to me is its longevity re: number of sheets, the more the better. Cheapest possible (under $30) that ships to Canada cheap (or sells on Amazon) would be great. Size of the grid, small. Size of the notebook, I guess a the same as standard printing size so I can rip out pages and put them in a three-ringed binder if needed. A bit smaller or without the option to rip out the paper is fine, too. I just go through notebooks too quickly because I need to write all my thoughts out, lol. I've looked through some suggestions on this thread and something I've liked is Rettacy, on Amazon, but there's just not too many pages in one notebook. https://egp.cnv.to/usd/69 What are your recommendations?
  4. i just built my new PC (i3-8100 asus b310m no graphics card yet) do i need to install drivers or something like that? 12 euros to dollars
  5. Hi everyone, I used to really like Alienware (had a 13 r2 and 15 r3) and I would like to get a laptop again. But after shopping around there's so few insencitive to get an Alienware (at least in Canada) that I'm thinking of getting something like an HP omen at this point ... My first issue is the price, in Canada a m15 with a 1060 and 144hz cost around 2200 cad before taxes and with the base 1 year warranty, an HP omen with the same specs but g-sync and a better battery (8 cells vs 6) for 2100, but you also get a 2 years accidental damage and on site tech support ... Plus it's slightly lighter. I asked a dell representative to at least price match the omen and she said she can't and the Alienware is "double more powerful" because "it has twice the option to upgrade"... Is customer support also shit now ? In Canada it used to be good for phone support at least, this was chat.נערות ליווי בצפון Should I wait until boxing day to see if they have better discounts or it'll probably not happen ? With the coming of rtx to laptop I expected them to give out better discounts ...
  6. There's a lot of conflicting info on this online so I wanted to ask the experts: I have an Aurora R8 (w/ water cooled CPU) and want to upgrade to either a 2070S or a 2080 (Ti). However, I'm concerned about whether or not to get a blower style or axial card. The latter seems to fit better in the case and would probably run quieter, but the case intake blows air into the same space as the GPU would exhaust into as well. But blower cards also naturally tend to run hotter and louder, not to mention there's not many that would fit in the small clearance ofgood blog the case. I don't have much knowledge about this so if anyone has any experience/input, I'd appreciate it.
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