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  1. I have installed a 980m card in an M17x from early 2014 and am now here to ask the experts of this fine establishment if they can help with what needs to be done to get it to work, if at all possible. It tries to upgrade a shorted out 780m. Modded driver was installed (445.75 WHQL from 2020.3.23), but device manager says error 43. sBIOS is stock A17 from Dell. UEFI enabled, legacy and safe boot disabled. OS is Windows 10 Home 64-bit on an SSD. Can it be done at all? If it can, what needs be done? Edit: I think my model is actually 17 R1, judging by the date, processor being a 4th gen i7 (4700MQ) and also this matches my regulatory model. I know this is my only post here and in I come, asking for help, but... pretty please help? Further edit: I have identified the 980m as being a Dell version. (as per GPU-Z)
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