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  1. Hello, I am currently interested in developing the G750JX config Currently I have a 770M 3 GB and an intel 4700HQ I'm on the version of bios 209 I saw that this is possible with a modified bios. Also since this would be possible on a REV 2.0 motherboard and not 2.1 of a (G750JS or JZ) So i have to i guess i change: the motherboard to also change the graphics card is switch to an 870m 3gb or 980m 8gb Could you give me more details on the subject. I can also disassemble the PC to find out the rev of the motherboard. Should I do other chose? changer ventilation etc etc I think the upgrade would come back to me around 300/400 euros I paid the G750JX 400 euros, is it really worth the upgrade for good performance? I share a little more detail on the components in screen Thank you for your advice. (sorry for the bad english i'm french)
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