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  1. Hello. Please, suggest. Possible to find any useful things to expresscard slot, except usb3 controller?
  2. Hmm, I not sure, that first fan power supply can support second fan... and what about compact ssd model? I want install it, too. But dont brands of compact sata ssd cases.
  3. I not make photos in process. I can show you more full picture, for good understanding, how to fixed it all. Photos from spoiler incomplete.
  4. Hello. Kheh. I buy used EB 2570p and I am crazy happy. Display not so bad, like I feared. Socketed CPU is awesome. But previous owner plugged i5-3380M - is hot stuff! And I, of course, decided to upgrade the cooling system. (for future cpu upgrade) I find, in used goods shop, acceptable heatsink and cooler. Heatsink Toshiba satellite A100-192 (if believe to sticker name), cooler acer aspire 3610 F581-CW The next steps: 1. expel hdd from his home, internal place. Now he will live in dvdrom bay) 2. remove some millimeters of steel (as more - as better) from native heatsink for better thermal contact. And cut off a layer from second heatsink. Second big reason - is very small space between lid and heatsink. 3. glued the second heatsink on thermal glue (for best fixation) and thermal grease in center of origin radiator. 4. Resistor 2W, 33 Ohm(in my case) connected to sata modified power connector and ---> cooler. It danger place, because strongly "upgraded" sata adapter may contact metal (non isolated) to heatsink and kill them all, if you don’t trim it carefully. Results: before: from up to 90 degrees celsius under stresstest, After: temperature lower to 80 maximum value. Not sure about i7 :-) Two large minuses: 1. No warm air output from notebook, for this second coolant system. Only air circulation inside case. 2. No much space between lid and heatsink in some contact points. Tight touch. It plus for cooling(of course, lid will be like heatsink) but, if you drop notebook, it may damage cpu and socket/MB. P.S. sorry for my english.
  5. okay, thanks. what about compatible ips screen model, without damage for frame ?
  6. good day, all. please, suggest, screen LP125WH2-SLT2 is fully compatible for 2570P ? Or replacement require any modification? I want to change for IPS, no matter, if with some resolution. please, tell variants. https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/32648890612.html did you find any cooliant/heatsink system for 2570P is cdrom bay? thank you.
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