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  1. Thanks guys, I will try to use a wwan cable as the third antenna, since I will probably not use the wwan card anyways. The 2560p actually had 3 antenna cables available for the WiFi, guess they discontinued that because most cards use only 2 connectors.
  2. quote Only two wi-fi antenna. When I disassembled the 2570p to take out the motherboard for some soldering - a radio technician did it for me - (soldered wifi slot's BT pins to the dock's usb pins), I only saw two wifi antenna wires. unquote Hello Onoakino, thanks for the info. You saved me some time/work. I have actually disassembled the 2570p in the past, but did not pay attention to that detail. Brgds Ingo
  3. Hello, Question: does the 2570p have 3 antenna cables for the wifi card? I have a 2560p with a centrino n-6300 card installed and would like to swap- and use it in the 2570p, but i only see 2 wifi antenna cables available, does anybody know if there is a 3rd cable hidden behind the mobo? Any help appreciated
  4. Hello, I just registered. You guys have done some fantastic stuff. Thank you all very much! I have been using a 2570p since about two years and am very happy with it. It has a 3610qm, 16Gb ram and 2x 120Gb SSDs in raid and has been running withouth issues. Cheers Ingo
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