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  1. @svabo I've not tested unfortunately, just concluding which was written in this topic before. I'm recommending you to read related posts here to get all details before making any decision. You'll NEED to make a bios patch before msata will be usable because corresponding sata port is disabled by default. It will run at the SATAII speed, and it will not be bootable (and not possible to select as bootable on power on).
  2. @svabo 1. Well, I'm not sure about adapters, but mostly like they're not differ too much. 2. Patch BIOS, solder signal caps and use it's mSATA capabilities. To use any other usb device you'll also need to remove the whitelist. Yes, it's only for modem. 3. HDD caddy is a plain passive adapter and a bunch of plactic, there is not much possibilities to worse the SATA connection.
  3. Hmmm, that's strange. I've used BatteryInfoView to trace power consumption a year ago. All off, display off, power saver profile. The summarized minimal idle power consumption on mine 2570p with it's stock 3210m cpu has been around 5.5W, and under the same conditions but with 3740qm it didn't fall below 7.8W. With light loads like code writing (nodejs, autocomplete, type check etc) or web browsing with 4 core cpu my laptop works around 4 hours, when with 2 core it can run 6. Two hours! So i've decided to switch to the 3210m back, since i need portability first. Well, it can be predicted - lower frequencies => lower Vcore. Really scientific!
  4. Not really, two cores consume about 1.5~3 extra Watts when idle. Limit the max CPU perf % in Power Settings, it will limit the max frequency. AFAIK you can also set PLx power limits using Intel XTU, which will be better if you need good single core perf, but i've not tested it.
  5. 3632 is faster than 3612 for 100MHz, so they're in the one grade. 3740QM have a +600MHz that will be a noticeable perf boost, but it also will heat like in hell at full load. For selection between 3612-3632 you can search for power efficiency comparisons, i've not digged in that much.
  6. It based on your needs. If you're planning to use 2570p as a portable laptop, then you have 2 variants: take a most powerful 2/4 (e.g. 3540M) CPU or a most powersaving 4/8 (3612QM). Both of these choices will bring a noticeable performance improvement over base i3/i5 cpu. I suggest to take a 2/4 cpu since it will consume less power in the lightweight scenarios like web browsing or text stuff (but for multithreading apps 4/8 is a better choice). If you will use it at home and ready to make some cooling improvements, then you can give a look for 3740qm. The graphics part (HD4000) is too slow and lacks support nowadays, and the cooling system of the 2570p not designed for 4/8 and heavy tasks. If you're good with the current performance, then it makes sense to just leave it as is.
  7. If you're okay with laggy UWP interface, background activity, too heavy interface design for standard HD screen and general idea "OS needs to be smarter than user", then this OS is good for you. AFAIK there's none really different options, all available 2...3 displays comes with ugly "white" bluish LED backlight without any PWM compensation. And there is two possible solutions for each problem, both tricky: 1. disassemble the screen, extract backlight strip and resolder the LEDs to better ones - i'm can't even guess is those LEDs possible to find. However on aliexpress you can find some LED strips for generic laptop screens, or buy a broken IPS screen from thinkpad and try to use it's strip; 2. This issue needs to pach a video bios for a new PWM frequency - this was already done by the x2*0 users. Or try the IntelPWMControl. Or as theoretical alternative - PWM-to-Linear conversion module installation. Like this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000269274889.html
  8. Probably good, idk is this PRO line SSD or just EVO, but it's Samsung at least. Same, but if you're using linux you may get a "happy" time with intel cards. Too hot. 3612qm or top two-core i7 solution will be definitely better for everyday use. I'll recommend you to set max performance % to 99% in windows, that will cap cpu to 2.7ghz. And 4-core processors are hungry in idle too, if you will use nb for internet or scrolling - it will discharge for 1...2 hour faster than it can with 2-core cpu installed. Saying as 3740qm owner. Windows 7. W10 is a piece of s**t. Also you can migrate with Acronis True Image. Or just leave old SSD and replace dvdrom with new one using caddy. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000671206562.html some adapter like this and an ATX power supply of course. It will be cheapier if you buy pcie riser for mining station and find some dead usb3-expresscard adapter, that needs to be modified to be a plain passive adapter You can use internal (and, probably, simultaneously docking station too) displayport freely. AFAIK nvidia's 6*0 cards doesn't support more than 2 monitors at a time, and summary surface resolution is the same, so if you planning to use only eGPU solution as multimonitor driver, you'll get only connections without any dp->someport convertors. As for egpu+integrated mixed usage idk, i'm not an egpu setup owner.
  9. https://files.catbox.moe/09x0v3.jpg not really sure if blower hole needs to be reworked.
  10. Used 2570p dock stations in the local stores are pretty cheap nowadays. I've buyed a dock for 2560p for $10 and don't open the lid about 4 months in a row when used it as dedicated workstation - dock have its own power button. Must-buy thing as for me.
  11. Just for fun removed the bottom cover when compiling something... Got temperature drop from 90 to 75 celsius almost instantly, that's really a lot. Sadly, i don't want to drill the cover or use the nb without it, looks like performance limit to 99% is the only solution for me. With 3210 (i've installed my 3740qm back) i had ~70 celsius and 15W power consumption max without perf limit. Looks like cooling system in my nb can't keep cpu at 80 degrees when power consumption is >20W. Probably better plates resoldering to the heatpipe can give some cold (they was warm at compiling), but that's a tricky operation.
  12. @Andrew479 here is mine coreboot build 4.10-dirty, looks like that it was the latest. Sadly, i've not found environment where build was done so i can't provide a config. https://yadi.sk/d/MXnuzaKKEa0Bmw Of course, external programmer is needed.
  13. Unfortunately, i can't give you the full instruction nor say it will be 100% method. You have two options: try to downgrade from Windows or prepare a efi-compatible usb stick with a flasher module, bios image and signature files for this image, and then select the BIOS Update in a bios. HP made this method very complicated due to lack of documentation. Here is an example, but probably it incomplete. High possibility that there is no downgrade option - as i see users with probooks cannot downgrade by the official way.
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