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  1. https://files.catbox.moe/09x0v3.jpg not really sure if blower hole needs to be reworked.
  2. Used 2570p dock stations in the local stores are pretty cheap nowadays. I've buyed a dock for 2560p for $10 and don't open the lid about 4 months in a row when used it as dedicated workstation - dock have its own power button. Must-buy thing as for me.
  3. Just for fun removed the bottom cover when compiling something... Got temperature drop from 90 to 75 celsius almost instantly, that's really a lot. Sadly, i don't want to drill the cover or use the nb without it, looks like performance limit to 99% is the only solution for me. With 3210 (i've installed my 3740qm back) i had ~70 celsius and 15W power consumption max without perf limit. Looks like cooling system in my nb can't keep cpu at 80 degrees when power consumption is >20W. Probably better plates resoldering to the heatpipe can give some cold (they was warm at compiling), but that's a tricky operation.
  4. @Andrew479 here is mine coreboot build 4.10-dirty, looks like that it was the latest. Sadly, i've not found environment where build was done so i can't provide a config. https://yadi.sk/d/MXnuzaKKEa0Bmw Of course, external programmer is needed.
  5. Unfortunately, i can't give you the full instruction nor say it will be 100% method. You have two options: try to downgrade from Windows or prepare a efi-compatible usb stick with a flasher module, bios image and signature files for this image, and then select the BIOS Update in a bios. HP made this method very complicated due to lack of documentation. Here is an example, but probably it incomplete. High possibility that there is no downgrade option - as i see users with probooks cannot downgrade by the official way.
  6. Some instructions then? If your laptop have the latest bios, then descriptor overriding method is not for you - i've wrote earlier about this stuff. You need to downgrade or patch the descriptor with external programmer. Look for the generic build instruction at the coreboot wiki, it's easy to build (easier than extract the needed firmware parts from HP's bios). Probably i have a backup copy of the coreboot, will look tomorrow, but take a note that acpi implementation there is unfinished and you'll get some troubles in Windows (i'm just switched back to the patched f73). Just decided to swap a stock i3 back since i don't need i7 horsepower at this time, and that's what i'll got from liquid metal installed six months ago. Other than lack of contact, seems like dried alloy formed an increase in the size of the processor die, that means something (die or/and the heatsink) isn't flat. Honestly, i can't recommend to use LM, there was not much boost in the temp stability compared with GD900 even when LM was really liquid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  7. It's here. But take a note that in your case moving the nvram section probably will also keep a password, thus you'll need to initialize system information with manufacturing tools. You also can just close manufacturing mode without setting any information, or flash an older (f.34, if i remember that right) bios dump without any modifications (of course system info will be different then).
  8. I mean out-of-the-box support for the fresh GPUs to work through EC without any scripts. AFAIK main trouble was dedicated memory capacity that can be shared with the eGPU. Now we have ability to succefully patch any EFI module including DSDT.
  9. Probably bios can be patched for the modern eGPU support now?..
  10. These requirements are only for emulator with W10X, not the system itself. Also W10X is only for tablets, revived "Courier" project, not for traditional laptops or mainstream PCs.
  11. You still can make a software-based RAID by windows partition manager btw.
  12. Can you dump the data from 8-pin EEPROM of the working one, please? Well, i've tried to update firmware with disabled controller and it works now, thank you! ...it works like crap.
  13. Because DVD is installed as Extension Bay device, and probably HP made some original HDD/SSD caddies for these laptops. Guys, is there any owner of USB 3.0 "AKE" expresscard adapter that based on the uPD720202 chip? I've received one from ali, but cannot get it to work on Windows (error 10) and also cannot update the firmware (update tool just hangs). In linux it works after manual firmware upload, but only upon reboot. I want to try upload a dump from a definitely working card.
  14. Main problem is insufficient for the full 35W load heatpipe, not the fan.
  15. Guys, did your elitebooks going to sleep correctly at 0% charge (when battery is discharged)? My EB awakes instantly after being put in sleep. Bios 73 nonwhitelisted.
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