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  1. zoe7281

    Witcher 3

    I've got the modest laptop and I managed to both play and record the gameplay. Indeed, patches did a nice work. I used https://gecata.com/, if anyone's looking for a simple recorder.
  2. Is it the only option? If you're interested in playing online and don't know how to choose the best game, I'd recommend trying this https://bestcasinowinner.com/casino/pinup/. You can also read reviews on the games and decide which one is the best.
  3. zoe7281

    Winter... !! :)

    Is anyone planning any travel activities? Me and my friends decided to go camping this year, although we could do it earlier this year. We have everything ready this time, but I thought about buying on of those sleeping cots: https://activegeardirect.com/top-5-best-camping-cots-in-2020/ Have you used any of these models by chance?
  4. zoe7281

    Job Stress

    I know, I was a bank worker as well and things were pretty complicated most of the time at my position. Then I left my job and started working as a broker from home. I trade here now: instaforex review Anyway, wish you well!
  5. If you're interested in playing online and don't know how to choose the best game, I'd recommend checking out these casino bonuses - it's pretty easy to choose a game based on players' ratings.
  6. zoe7281

    Job Stress

    That's familiar to me. I used to take adderall for some time on my previous job, it was really stressful. Then I read about how addiction it is (adderall, not a job), and realized I have to do something about it. And quit. Both If you're thinking about taking some meds, I can recommend a good blog about it https://addictionresource.com/drugs/krokodil/
  7. Had the same problem. My monitor - BenQ PD3200U. How did I stop my screen recording from lagging? I changed screen recording software. Reduced the video resolution of the recording target.Plugged my graphics card into the primary slot on the motherboard. Now everything works fine. https://www.movavi.com/screen-recorder/ - since then I've been using this software.
  8. Thank you for the productive work, I appreciate it a lot! I've recently found out about these guys https://chisw.com/tech-interest They mostly specialize in deep learning and app development, which is quite interesting IMHO.
  9. I'm learning trading with the help of a free demo now, but I must say I'm concerned about my privacy and data safety. So far I heard some of trading companies take necessary steps forwards their clients' security. I recommend checking out 'Digital Safety' section on securinghome, this is the best material on digital security I've seen - all the necessary protection software is covered as well.
  10. Yes, this is even scary to some extent.
  11. I got my first PC pretty late It had Dual Core, GeForce 8600, 2Gb...
  12. I want to finally watch the Sopranos, I've seen two episodes and this is really good
  13. It's still good but I wish they would just remove all the additional items - the game was so much better without it
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