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  1. zoe7281

    Anyone trade stocks?

    I'm learning trading with the help of a free demo now, but I must say I'm concerned about my privacy and data safety. So far I heard some of trading companies take necessary steps forwards their clients' security. I recommend checking out 'Digital Safety' section on securinghome, this is the best material on digital security I've seen - all the necessary protection software is covered as well.
  2. zoe7281

    Big Data Is Fed Into The AI Engine

    Yes, this is even scary to some extent.
  3. zoe7281

    Not able to rank your website higher on search engines?

    There are various SEO colutions, I believe...
  4. zoe7281

    What's your first personal computer?

    I got my first PC pretty late It had Dual Core, GeForce 8600, 2Gb...
  5. zoe7281

    Favorite TV Shows / Newsgroups Discussion

    I want to finally watch the Sopranos, I've seen two episodes and this is really good
  6. zoe7281

    team fortress 2- tf2 !!!! PLAY IT NOW- ITS FREE DAM IT

    It's still good but I wish they would just remove all the additional items - the game was so much better without it
  7. zoe7281

    What movies have you seen lately?

    I have a large collection of movies right now, but I want to convert all of them using Movavi Video Converter from their site: https://www.movavi.com/ Only then I'll have some free time to watch some of my collection
  8. zoe7281

    Network Traffic/monitoring

    It is said that internet of things devices generate a lot of traffic, this is very interesting from the point of controlling all these processes. Companies likes these one sure have interesting solutions for this sphere.
  9. zoe7281

    Customer Complaints

    Probably you should pay attention to social media analytics services that can help to find the flaws and possibilities and establish a quality level of your promotional campaigns. Here's more on that topic http://promorepublic.com/en/blog/social-media-analytics-tools-will-actually-show-truth/

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