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    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Thanks for answer, i tought the post was dead. Temps are around 50-60°C in normal use and 75 in stress test, before repaste it reached 93 degrees. Yes the CLT is in XTU, actually there is no option to modify current limit, just says "yes" or "no". In TS (here is where i saw the 84A) appears the option but i cant change it, its locked. I have restarted bios before, the default settings on performance are everything enable, HT, all cores, speed step, turbo boost and c state. The lap came with BIOS A19 i updated it to A26.
  2. LuisVillalon

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Hi, i have a similar problem, hope someone can help me, i just bought an e6540 a few weeks ago, with i7 4810mq and dGPU the guy who sold me the laptop gave me a 90w adapter and battery of 11.1v 4.4A which isnt the appropiate, I thought that was the reason of current limit throttling. Now i have a 180w adapter but the issue persists, can it be phisycal damage to any component of the mobo? (like a capacitor or something) The cpu basically can't go over base clock (2.8) with or without turbo boost activated. Is there any way to change that current limit? (its locked to 84A) or i need a moded BIOS? If its a phisycal problem, which component do i need to replace? Thanks for your time

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