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  1. Ok so I was able to get it working. My buddy Vinx advised me to navigate to : Start Menu> Settings> Display > Graphics Setting (At the Bottom) and manually add the programs or games and change which card they should use by default. Works great. I also posted a Topic with a video here >
  2. Troubleshooting Modified driver Installation. If you are able to successfully modify the .inf to install GPU driver but games still using dedicated graphics or crashing, this is how I got it to work. Also link to the instructions I used to modify the .inf (Credit to Yuki Rea Founder and Creator of null-src.com) That tutorial can be found here https://null-src.com/posts/nvidia-notebook-driver-inf-mod/post.php Soapbox - Gaming Laptop GPU Upgrade
  3. Hey guys, new here, i have an M17xR4 that i installed a 970m on lastnight. I was able to edit my NVDMI.inf successfully and I can see it in device manager, also in GeForce. It shows current 419 driver from last month but when I try to play games it still uses th on board card. I've tried disabling the HD graphics and also tried making nvidia GPU primary card to no avail. I think I may need to mod the NVDSPI.inf but cannot figure out how. Any help would be appreciated.
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