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  1. Hi, I don't know if this is the right place but I find this firmware for gtx 970m sometime appears a BSOD -> video scheduler internal error, It is important for me to understand if there is a tool to monitor all the events between the video card and the operating system. I am a chip level technician and I am not familiar with the part relating to diagnosis using an app or a shell .
  2. Hi, I have this asus with a video card problem, the drivers are not installed, gpu-z recognizes it but some parameters are wrong, vram = 0. The previous technician who tried the repair has desolder the vbios chip (I don't know if the vbios inside is corrupt), I tried with the G750J bios but the problem persists, code 43. before trying to replace the vram chips and then the whole chip, I need the original vbios 3G version . thanks
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