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  1. The problem is not only cooling efficiency. And also the fact that the processor power system on the motherboard can not give out much. Fucking forum engine. I’ll paste the text from the translator, and he’s doing such crap.
  2. Please answer how I should be. I want to install DDR3-2133 memory. I have DDR3-1600, there is a programmer for SPD chips, there are programs Thaiphoon Burner and SPDTool 0.6.3. For the memory to work like 2133, do me need to write the frequency 2133 to the main SPD area or to the XMP profile?
  3. Hello. My 2560p does not boot from HDD installed in optical drive bay. Bios F66. If I boot from USB and select boot from HDD in bootloader menu, then windows from HDD boot up. I do not have the main hdd, since I lost the sata adapter
  4. Hi. Yes i read everything. I did not understand why they wanted to change the matrix. Only because of the viewing angles? The response time is very long with IPS
  5. Hi guys. I was thinking about replacing the matrix with IPS. LP125WH2-SLB1 has response time is 35 ms. It's a lot. B125XW02 has 6 ms. On IPS Movies will be unpleasant to watch, and especially play
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