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  1. Hi guys, new here, just wondering if any of you are still running one of these 20+ inch behemoths? Any one modified them? Im considering cutting the cpu socket a few mm to clear a mxm HE card ( 9800m gt) which is bigger than my 9600m gt I have in there. Also it runs a x9100 @ 3.6ghz daily and actually beats my i5 msi gx740 in almost every way except graphics performance. Any way, if any interest here are a couple of pictures.... Would be good to hear of other 9920's or 9xxx series out there Oh and heres a little video ive just done, should help anyone out who wants to control the fan super easy.
  2. xchipx

    Aspire 6930

    Yes this is an old thread now but I will post what I know, if incase in the future anyone with a 6930 sees this thread... From my experience running a highly overclocked 9600m gt in the 6930 and running a core2 extreme x9100 overclocked @ 3.6ghz , the highest temp I would see under heavy gaming for hours would be the high 80s, regular use in the 60s and 70s. Thats for both cpu and gpu. So I cant see a stock 9300 going anywhere near that so yeah as above probably a cooling pipe issue/blocked fan. First thing I would try is making sure that theres fresh thermal paste on the gpu core and that its seated correctly. The 6930 cooling "plate" it lays down upon ive found can sometimes not make full contact if the thermal pads for the ram etc have moved out of stock position.
  3. Hi throttlestop is fantastic, however on older machines such as core2 and 1st gen i5, has anyone noticed it sometimes gets the fsb/baseclock frequency incorrect?
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