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  1. ok, curious, I have the 3840qm running, task manager shows 100% cpu usage, core temp shows 81 c, but power is only listed as 35 watts, is it nearing throtle limiting at that temp? I do have the 90 watt power supply.
  2. interesting stuff. Now folding with the bottom cover off, folding at full power, 98% cpu usage and only 80 deg c, not bad for an old lapper.
  3. not sure I am up for messing with scripts. for now I have started folding at home and try to do what I can for the world and figure out the covid 19 thing in hopes to help for a cure. boy does the cpu get warm fast.
  4. thanks Phobosse, I read a bit over there, what was the tough part about setting it up?
  5. it has been quite a while since many of these egpu setups have come out, any latest, greatest to go with? 99% of the time I use an external 4k monitor, and even when just watching you tube videos you can hear the fan trying to cool the cpu as it gets warm. wht are guys using these days for a powr supply, video card, express card adapter card, and board for the vdeo card to plug into???? windows 10 here, so just stuff that works for that. if anyone would take a few minutes to put together a list of parts for the egpu that would be great, I've read too much, and now confused.
  6. unlikely you would be able to use the leftover part of the drive, the raid will only use equal sizes, ssd is fast enough unless you are doing some serious huge file transfers/ video work. the remaining 250 gb on the larger drive would be wasted. Raid 0 just give 2 points of failure instead of 0ne and you have no backup.
  7. thanks MIO ! good to hear. I got to reading and got a little lost. anyone find a higher cfm fan yet that swaps out directly with the stocker? getting a touch warm during some deep scans and think i is time to get more air across the heatpipe.
  8. I can't imagin no one on here has any input on the above new requirements from MS
  9. hmmmm, some new requirements for the newest window 10 upgrade... will our systems comply? or have we finally gotten to the point where we are left behind??? At its Microsoft 365 Developer Day, the company detailed Windows 10X, it’s next-generation “expression” of Windows 10 which the company will release later this year. And the most remarkable aspect: Microsoft states that Windows 10X updates will take less than 90 seconds to complete. 02/13 Update: Microsoft has released a Windows 10X emulator and development tools so anyone can test out a beta of new platform. Users will require a PC running Windows 10, using an Intel chipset (AMD support is coming later), 8GB RAM, 15GB space and a WDDM 2.4 graphics driver or later. You will also need the following bios features to be supported and enabled: Hardware-assisted virtualization Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) Hardware-based Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
  10. well done and I guess it is quite the feat of wok to get it going, great job.
  11. has no one run anything other than raid 0 on this little gem that we all like so much?
  12. On 10/8/2019 at 5:11 AM, invait53 said: Our chipset is Mobile Intel QM77 Express. That chipset has 4 ports of SATA2 and 2 ports of SATA3. SATA HDD and SATA ODD are SATA3. It means that in our laptop available RAID0 only. I do not see how you could not ditch the optical drive, and plug into that sata 3 with another ssd and go beyond raid 0
  13. I don't see any reason it wont work on that, ditch the dvd drive, add second ssd in there, and raid 0 away, but as with all raid 0, you loose one drive, you loose it all. SSD on its own is super fast, I don't see the benefit being worth the risk, 1 TB ssd are going for about 80 bux now, so capacity is killer with a single drive, keep the dvd in case you need it.
  14. I don't find it that loud, screen color not an issue plugged in to a good monitor, webcam? seriously? creeeeepy.
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