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  1. any waya to re work the fan air exit to allow full flow? that would make it worth it I guess.
  2. ok, what beenfit does using the docking station have over not having it? I could see if it had an additional fan to bring more air to the unit for cooling, or had more available power to supply to the cpu, but thats a dream......
  3. see, I use mine as a desktop replacement, it sits with the cover closed plugged into a 27 inch 4k monitor, wireless mouse and wireless full sized keyboard. only time I open the cover is when I need to use the power button if for some reason I get stuck and can't start the rig from dead.
  4. back cover removed, original fan and 6 little stick on heat sinks on the bottom of the cooler plate.
  5. TS bench, the longest test, 1024M ran in 214 seconds, saw 40.2 watts pkg power, max temp was 82 c . set to performance in ts. I would spend the 10 bucks and get a syringe of kryo and give it a try.
  6. the 15 degree drop was running folding at home, 100% load on all 4 cores for pre and post kryonaut.
  7. well Kryonaut arrived, and installed, I see a surprising 15 degree F drop in temps, shocked as arctic silver was on there. it seemed to dry up and was most likely not making good thermal contact.
  8. Thanks Andrew, just ordered the kryonaut. I have the rear cover off, and a few extra heat sinks on the back of the cooling plate, but kryo will go on when it gets here. running folding at home is a breeze, pretty seamless use of the computer when I am on it, resources go to me when I need them, fah when I don't.
  9. Andrew, funny thing is that it sits at 99.74 x 32, 33, 34, up to 38 multiplier, never see it go 100 x.............. voltage is always adjusting based on heat. I have a few heat sinks on the way to apply to the open bottom in a good airflow, see if that helps.
  10. ok, curious, I have the 3840qm running, task manager shows 100% cpu usage, core temp shows 81 c, but power is only listed as 35 watts, is it nearing throtle limiting at that temp? I do have the 90 watt power supply.
  11. interesting stuff. Now folding with the bottom cover off, folding at full power, 98% cpu usage and only 80 deg c, not bad for an old lapper.
  12. not sure I am up for messing with scripts. for now I have started folding at home and try to do what I can for the world and figure out the covid 19 thing in hopes to help for a cure. boy does the cpu get warm fast.
  13. thanks Phobosse, I read a bit over there, what was the tough part about setting it up?
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