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  1. Hi, no, Sorry, I Just drop It, but I'll try again in the future. Keep me updated
  2. Hi everyone. Is this topic still alive? Yesterday I tryied to Mount a GTX 750ti ti my Asus n55sf, but I had to mod the BIOS, as here illustrated, and I bought setup 1.35 from ****** Evan, but I can't make It work. I followed this guide and ******'s One without succes. When I boot Windows It Just remain stuck on Windows logo. Once in safe mode the PC recognized the egpu and I installed the drivers, but when I rebooted, It stucks again. Thank you very much, expecially to Doink, Who shared his experience and knowledge. Asus n55sf i7 2670qm GT555m Egpu Beast v8 Windows 10 pro 64bit

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