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  1. Ok I am getting power to the motherboard . The small led under the power button labeled led 1 is lighting up. Just no power when I depress the power button
  2. Hi everyone, I am having a big issue and could use all the help i could get. I flashed my bios following an older post by the following 1 rename bios to M14R2.hdr 2 place it in the root of thumbdrive formatted to FAT32 3 insert thumbdrive, hold end key down and insert psu 4 it began to read the thumbdrive, beeped like 20 times then beeped faster for another 20 times 5 it stopped but never did reboot (waited over half an hour) 6 I pulled the psu out removed the thumbdrive Tried to power back on the laptop and now NOTHING! no power no nothing HOPING SOMEONE HERE CAN HELP BEFORE I HAVE TO PURCHASE YET ANOTHER MOBO. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  3. HELP HELP HELP! Hi guys, i'm trying to bring an old post back to life. I have an M14X R2, I needed to flash the BIOS as I was getting a 1 beep code at start up. So I found this thread and did exactly what was suggested. I flashed the bios , it beeped like 20 times really load, then it beeped alot faster for about another 20 times then stopped. However it never rebooted, I waited about a half hour and still no restart. So I pulled out the power cord removed the thumb drive and then reinserted the power and hit the power button. NOTHING! no power no power on nothing. I tried the holding the end key down again and insert the power cord and still nothing. Hoping someone can help out before i go buy another mobo. Thanks in advance
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