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  1. It works oob in Linux and Mac Os. Problems only in Windows, I don't think that bios patches can help.
  2. What do yo mean by modern eGPU ? modern eGPU need thunderbolt. But you always can use expresscard. It works with some performance loss. I tried rx 580 and gtx 1060
  3. It's all about drivers. Need to use old drivers or fix new drivers by special script
  4. Many people think that plug in card is all that you need for work. Simple plug in work only in linux and mac os but in windows you need handle some errors, like error 12 and error 43.
  5. I used EXP Gdc expresscard + PSU Dell da-2. Works good but it's difficult to set up. More information you can find at egpu io
  6. Wow, so nice ) What happens if you connect an external monitor to displayport, is it work ? and leave link to adapter and ips panel please
  7. LP125WH2-SLT2 same TFT-LCD, but AH-IPS technology. comparsion very impressive
  8. 2570p has worst TN matrix with ugly colors low brightness and very bad viewing angles. 2570p is not gaming laptop and don't need small responce time panel. I find some chineese forum with success story IPS installing. But it need some frame modify. https://forum.51nb.com/thread-1643933-1-1.html
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