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  1. Guys, how long does your 65wh battery last on a single charge? Mine only lasts about 2 hours screen on with wifi. I'm wondering why the sec sheet claims 6 to 7 hours of battery life iirc.
  2. Hmm. Correct. There are two sets of antenna inside 2570p. One set each for WiFi and WWAN. Strictly speaking though, there are only two antenna connectors alotted for the WiFi card. But since you mentioned it, I am now wondering if lordjim can use one of wwan's anttena as the third wifi antenna?
  3. Only two wi-fi antenna. When I disassembled the 2570p to take out the motherboard for some soldering - I did the diamantling but paid a technician to solder the wifi slot's BT pins to the dock's usb pins - I only saw two wifi antenna wires.
  4. Replying here just to say wow. You guys are amazing modders! The screen mod and bios mod are way beyond my capacity to do, but I love seeing you guys succeed in pushing the limits of our 2570p. One question: I did a mod to enable the Bluetooth part of my wifi-bt combo card (soldering wifi slots' unpowered pins to the dock's usb pins. Does that mean no more WWAN modding for me because I already used the dock's usb pins? Again, great job, guys!
  5. @MioIVA flashable bios with no whitelist? Amazing work! I wish there's an idiot guide or a YouTube video on how to flash this to our 2570p. I'm afraid to brick my laptop if I miss any step or did a step wrong.
  6. Anyone thought of replacing the speakers on this thing with better sounding ones?
  7. Seems to be going in the direction of all soldered non-user upgradable laptops.
  8. Thanks @adrian_sa I wonder if anyone here has tried fitting it with backlit keyboard but just hasn't posted it here yet?
  9. @adrian_sa Im curious, why did you say the panel is too tall? Did you grind something off of the shell to make the panel fit? I'm also curious about the structural integrity of the new screen. Can you say the laptop's durability is still the same after the all modifications you did to make the panel fit? Or does it now make you a little bit careful in handling the laptop as compared to before? How will you rate the durability of the laptop, post panel replacement? 1-10, ten being as sturdy as stock, untouched laptop?
  10. Nice job @invait53! Mine is an AC with Bluetooth too. Haven't tested the speed yet bec my wifi router not an AC. My BT mouse (elecom) works on both my OSes. However, pairing my generic bt speaker with my hackintosh Sierra is unsuccessful. This escapes me. Why does my elecom bt mouse pair with my hack, but refuses to pair (continuous connect/disconnect) with a generic bt speaker? OffTopic: I love this laptop to bits now. Eversince the SSD upgrade, boot time has significantly improved. It uswd to take me 45 secs up to a minute to boot when I was still using HDD, now it takes me to win10 login in 8 secs, hackintosh sierra in under 10. Yay! Plus, I'm no longer scared of accidental bumps that may damage the hard drive, because hey, no moving parts any more!
  11. I'll stay with version 14xx. It's not broke so I ain't fixing it. I'm afraid we are the only ones left using this amazing piece of hardware from the dark ages. Methinks everbody has moved to thin and ultralight form-factor laptops already.
  12. Just putting this ThrottleStop result here for comparison purposes. i7 3612QM 16GB Samsung RAM in dual-channel mode 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD Windows 10
  13. Doesn't happen to me on Windows 10 (ver 16xx), nor on my main OS MacOS Sierra (hackintosh). It's most likely your Windows powersaving settings.
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