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    I know the EVGA 960 isn't a great card but it should suit for World of Warcraft. It only cost me $70. Got a good in-depth set up guide I could use?
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my Mid-2011 iMac with an eGPU! I just bought a used EVGA 960 for this! I plan to buy the "Akitio Thunder2" as my casing! I more worried about obtaining correct wires for wiring versus the actual wiring part and assembly. I think I can handle that if I have the right wires. I will link all my specifications for in case it is actually useful! OS: OSX High Sierra 10.13.xx ( CURRENT OSX) RAM: 8GB RAM DRR3 133MHz Ram Kit Internal GPU:AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512MB Storage: 1TB Internal HDD External Storage: Lacie 500GB External HDD CPU: 2.7 GHz Intel Core I5. Card used as eGPU: Ndivia Geforce EVGA 960 Card External Box: Akitio Thunder2 My absolute main goal is to be able to run World of Warcraft with absolutely low graphical lag. The RAM upgrade 4GB to 8 GB RAM did actually see load time inprovement! Which I am happy to see! Took me ages to load a simple loading screen, now it loads completely in under 25 seconds! Im ecstatic! Its very important that is ACTUALLY WORKS FOR A MID-2011 iMAC! Now.. Where do I begin adapting a Akitio Thunder2 with Ndivia Geforce EVGA 960? I need cables to match the box to the card? I am assuming.... I hope someone who is actually knowledgeable about Mac e GPU builds will contact me! My Email is also Adin888@gmail.com if you rather email me and talk more directly! Please help my stupid stupid self! Should be plug an play with external monitor after the build correct?!? I don't know if my Info on the GPU I bought as A eGPU card is a enough information so let me know!! Cords, Cords, cords?!

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