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  1. Hi Klem, i have still one Problem, In AMIBCP i can see a Tab called "Chipset" where the setting for the integrated GPU is. I already set it to "USER" but it wont show it to me in the flashed BIOS. If i change the setting (in this case to activate internal GPU ) directly in AMIBCP it wont apply them. Still only the GTX 770m is active. The BIOS just dont apply my settings..I can set everything to "USER" and the BIOS will show it to me, with except the "Chipset" Tab. (screenshots) Thanks for your response
  2. Ohkay yes that worked.. Thank you very much.
  3. Sorry i have never done any BIOS Modding before.. So i have to create a Backup of the current BIOS and Edit that file?
  4. It is not Working. It says "ROM file size does Not Match existing BIOS size.
  5. Thank you.. I will try it next time.. I will let you know if that worked.
  6. Im trying to Modify the Stock BIOS of the ASUS ROG G750JX(GTX 770M Version) with AMIBCP to activate the Intel HD Graphis for Physics Rendering.. But it wont Flash my Custom version of the Stock BIOS.. Thank you for Your reply
  7. Hey Klem, Im also trying to Flash my BIOS Mod, but it doesnt Work. WinFlash ist just saying, that the BIOS File ist corrupted.. Could you please help me and unlock my BIOS?
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