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  1. If anyone stumbled upon this post later. @Klem helped me with a custom vBIOS. Not only is the vBIOS more stable at higher overclocks, it is somehow more optimized at stock frequencies, too. Valley benchmark increased from 36 FPS to 42 FPS at the same clock levels. I couldn't recommend it highly enough! Custom vBIOSes are akin to intellectual property on these forums, so I won't be able to share it
  2. Could a good soul help me with unlocking voltage and power limit bars on my 970M 3GB? I've tried manual tweaks in MaxwellBiosTweaker, but as a first time VBIOS tinkerer I have too many gaps to confidently overclock (managed to get from 1038 MHz to 1329 MHz). Naturally, I am more than willing to donate if all works out successfully. Rom image attached. Laptop: MSI GT72 2QD before_overclocking.rom
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