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  1. Перепрошивка BIOS 7720.rtf — RGhost — файлообменник here's the only instruction
  2. and now here's the repost of the unlocked BIOS: http://rghost-dot-ru/43962616
  3. I've posted NEW UPDATED "How to flash or recover BIOS" here: http://forum.techinferno.com/dell-inspiron-dell-studio/3004-bios-dell-inspiron-7720se-unlock-all-menu.html, 1st page.
  4. http://rghost-dot-ru/44179713 here's new UPDATED instruction "HowTo"
  5. plase note, the best way to make BIOS dump is to use the standard Dell's utility like that: dosflash -file BIOS.cap -bak a12, where "a12" is the dump's filename you choose
  6. Let's wait until smb. make mod based on the Lenovo 16th vbios. the aim is 1200 MHz but we'll see how it goes...
  7. Nope, Olehkh didn't. - - - Updated - - - Dear friend, Olehkh didn't do any limit or whatever else into the opened BIOS. it's the totally opened mod.
  8. the original thread is: forum.ixbt-dot-com/topic.cgi?id=17:46983 ... and now you know it's Russian
  9. English version here: http://forum.techinferno.com/dell-inspiron-dell-studio/2193-dell-inspiron-7720-650m-gddr5-modded-vbios-19.html - - - Updated - - - opened mod and recovery instructions are made by Olehkh
  10. 2all. and here comes the Sun! here's the TOTALLY OPENED dell 7720's BIOS. "totally" means that all the hidden menus are now opened and customizable. rghost-dot-ru/43962616 - opened BIOS rghost-dot-ru/44113376 - instructions. and there are some new BIOS' modifications to come which are flashable as the original one. this is reposted message from the 7720's thread at the ixbt forum. be careful, you can build a rocket or you can get it bricked.
  11. Hi everyone again, rghost-dot-ru/42862842 here's the new "Russian mod". original post here: Dell Inspiron 7720 [102] - new: MSR 0xE2 memory register's write protection has been removed, it makes AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext back to work. this is helpful for those who tries to install Mac OS.
  12. Did I say any BIOS mod isn'n fine? doesn't work? NO. all I said is: there is ONE guy who flashed modded BIOS and got his 7720 bricked. nobody knows what exactly he did but I really think he'll fix it soon. all I say is: be careful, be ready to flash back the original BIOS, don't be afraid. and try before flashing if you can.
  13. attention! one of those who flashed combined BIOS mod by Serbius from ixbt.com forum has BRICKED his 7720. at the moment, the author and some other guys are trying to find out how did he do that. now only fan works at the bricked notebook, LCD doesn't even flash its LED (but works! tested ok by pressing "d" while power on). so, before flashing any mod you'd better test it by executing the procedure from the chapter "запуск BIOS без его перепрошивки" (ctrl+C to find it on the page) on this Wiki page: Dell Inspiron 7720. just use the google translator.
  14. well, there's another issue with our 7720. now, actual BIOS doesn't see mSATA line as normal HDD/SSD bootable. I solved for myself this problem by using OS selector which starts from HDD, then offers mSATA SSD Crucial m4 256GB as bootable (it's because I needed 2 normal HDD AND OS installed on SSD, not ISRT). but I hope somebody can find or already knows the BIOS key which prevents mSATA line from booting. If so, please, tell its name!

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