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  1. Hello, The m17x R4 heatsink is adequate, it has 3 pipes which is mandatory for higher power consuption GPU's in an Alienware Laptop. I have installed my heatsink to a Nvidia 970m with no heating issues at all, I replaced my 7970 with the 970m.
  2. Hello CmdrEvil I am running in optimus atm but i am unable to activate switchable graphics to disable optimus. I have been informed that you can end up locking the harware it can run on if you dont do the upgrades in optimus mode. Also im worried about the LED death (8beeps) when i try this. Last time i had that issue i had to reset the Bios by removing the CMOS battery. Correct Pentoman, you had to switch graphics by rebooting the laptop using the F7 key, this was diabled somewhere along the update process and the laptop is in Optimus. I beleive all i need now is to enable PEG graphics switch from the BIOS, unfortunately this is locked.
  3. Madoka G

    Anime discussion

    Damn Clannad is amazing, you cant go wrong with Key animation. Clannad Air Kanon Angel Beats Little Busters These are amazing Key animes i can think off and are all awesome! Does anyone like slice of life or magical girl?
  4. Me too! I need to get myself an unlocked A11 bios
  5. Hello everyone, I am an M17X R4 owner running WIN10 AND currently upgrading my laptop from an 7970m to a 970m. I have already successfully transferred my 970m to the motherboard and windows has detected the the gpu in device manager, optimus mode is enabled and the intel graphics are also detected. The laptop is currenlty booting in full UEFI mode and running bios A11 stock. Currently I am experiencing issues with getting the 970m to run, my Intel graphics keep running only but i can see the 970m is installed and the settings can be changed from the nvidia control panel and can be benchmarked using FurMark. I managed to modify an nvidia driver using the device hardware ID's (not sure if that is the issue) but i think the main reason why the 970m is being used is because i require an unlocked Bios to change which GPU it runs on? Everything up until this point has been an interesting learning curve and i feel i have almost cracked it. what do you all think, any advice would be much appreciated by myself and my laptop Im no expert on the matter but if anyone wants any advice from my experiences above i would be happy to help the best i can. Thx
  6. Is there a suitable modded driver available for an M17x R4 to run an Nvidia 970m? Are the drivers from Eurocom adequate? Thanks
  7. Yes you can. I just downgraded from A12 to A11 ready to upgrade to an unlocked bios. simply flash the A11 bios from the dell website and reboot. did attempt to flash A05 from A12, this is not possible using conventional menthods.
  8. Hello everyone here at TechInferno, I am an Alienware M17X R4 owner who is currently in the process of upgrading my 7970m Radeon to an Nvidia 970m, sadly experiencing some software difficulties. I am 29 and i have a personal interest in gaming laptops and desktops. A bit of an irrelevant sidenote to the topic of this forum: Im very interested in anime
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