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  1. Hi tech-geeks, i did a DSDT override (endpoint 56.25GB) and have a whitelisted wifi. If i do a undo-whitelisting with DIY eGPU Setup 1.35, successfully. My Nvidia GPU is detected, and i can start Win10 with nandos: PCI compaction 1# - method (endpoint 56.25GB-36b :: eGPU only :: no). QUESTIONS I have: 1. My USB/hdmi-sound not working (found solution: Likely a PCI contention issue. Recommend setting up Setup 1.x, configured with a pci.bat (resulting from PCI compaction on your primary GPU + eGPU) prior to chainloading Win7. That doesn't helped). I did all nandos PCI compaction 1# - 4# and ** - methods, my Win10 starts only with with 1# (no sound) and 3# (no usb). Can i do anything with different with DIY eGPU Setup 1.35? 2. With DIY eGPU Setup 1.35, my notebook runs min. 10fps slower than with the standart-method. Is that normal for standart-method? Note: With standart-method: Poweroff your eGPU. Boot Win7. Standby (not hibernate) your system, poweron your eGPU, resume your system. My notebook runs a beast and all function (hdmi-sound + usb) Thanks
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