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  1. It's not possible to have 32GB of ram on E6430, someone try it and it wont boot. Thanks for advice, I got that hiden menu, still I wish that there was a way to have all BIOS (F2) in text mode not in that laggy graphical one! Anyway I'm the proud possesor of an E6430 (i7-3740QM +16GB ddr3/1600MHz,dgpu (NVS5200), 2x 256MX100 SSD în soft raid (Btrfs)) who rocks.
  2. Here is the A20 IFR. In the case of SetupPrep bad edit I follow the guide from your post: search for SetupPrep and extract the body of the compressed section to a file named body.bin. With the help of IFR Extractor I extracted from body.bin a IFR file. I edited the IFR.txt with HxD and modify System Logs last 2 bytes (0B 80 to 01 04) and save that file as: body-mod.bin. With the help of UEFITool I insert that body-mod.bin in the dump BIOS and save it as bios-mod and write the modified bios from dos with fpt. So what am I doing wrong?! Thanks!
  3. It's not working for A20 or at least I was not able to make it work. When I choose BIOS from F12 menu I receive the following message: "Fatal Error: DellHiiHandle not set!" . The A20 (IFR) addresses are identical with A18(IFR) but the body compressed section addresses differ in A 20 from the A18 that you posted. Ex. In A18 the body compressed section addresses for Logs is 0x5870E just like in the main A18 IRF but in A20 the body compressed section addresses is 0x58681, different from A20 main IRF( 0x5870E). Any advice? Thanks! E6430A20-setup IFR.7z

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