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  1. Also added on top, that you can use every graphics card with a height around 210mm with this additional PSU.
  2. Hey guys! I finally got a decent PSU with a PCIe like Connector for the Project, and it does not only work like a charm, it even has sufficent Power for a Zotac 1080 + OC and its a relatively "clean" solution. Currently i am using a 1060 because its enough for most 1080P Gaming/Editing and with its low power consumption, the PSU doesn't even get warm. I routed the 6 Pin out of the chassis, directly to the PSU. I also tried the same with a 6+2 pin connector and it also works seamlessly. The PSU has 250W @ 12V and fortunately the same LED Color as the standard PSU, so it looks like they belong together^^. Here are some pictures (Sry for the Dust, the house is a building site atm.^^) : In addition, this PSU can be used not only for the AIO Barebone but also for eGPU Solutions! What do you think? Cheers!
  3. Hey guys! I am currently working on an idea to start a brand which would be specialized in All in One PC Barebones. So I wanted to ask you if there is any interest for such a thing? In detail: The focus is on a configurable system, like a desktop case, but this one here has already a build in mITX mainboard, monitor, speakers and everything is already cabled. The power supply is external to save space and especially to keep the AIO as narrow as possible. The lid on the back can be pushed open after only 2 screws have been removed, so it is very easy to maintain. The technical data in a short overview: Monitor: 27 "Full-HD, AH-IPS, Frameless Design Mainboard: mITX, modified with a 90 degree rotated PCIe slot for the graphics card H110 chipset 2x RAM slots DDR4-SODIMM 1x mini PCIe slot 1x MSata Slot 1x 2.5 inch Sata connector Graphics card: Power over PCIe lane (NVIDIA GTX 1050TI, Radeon RX460, etc.) , with additional PSU up to Zotac NVIDIA GTX 1080 Mini Power supply: External with 3 pin safety plug and 180W power , additional 250W PSU for Graphics cards with 6-8 pin Connector. Connections: 2xUSB 3.0 RJ45 connector 4xUSB 2.0 SD card reader 1x HDMI-IN (for graphics card routing) 1x HDMI OUT 1x3.5mm stereo jack 1x3.5mm microphone jack Stereo speakers (believe it or not, they sound decent) Here are some Pics from my Testsample: I would really appreciate your feedback, thanks in advance!
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