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  1. juhca

    Mini pcie to USB Type-C

    ok, just a moment. I'm just need to rob a bank
  2. juhca

    Mini pcie to USB Type-C

    Aha thanks. Yeah I've seen his post and I'm interested in. Just need to save some more money first Thanks for your help.
  3. juhca

    Mini pcie to USB Type-C

    Hmm I did some more dighing and maybe I was wrong? The input cable for eGPU's is Thunderbolt 3? I thought it was also USB-C.
  4. juhca

    Mini pcie to USB Type-C

    Yeah I know. I am also looking for an adapter for thunderbolt 3, but I didn't find any.
  5. juhca

    Mini pcie to USB Type-C

    Ok I found this one, but that drive connector bothers me.
  6. Lately I've been thinking about buying an eGPU for my Lenovo Y510p laptop. I've seen products like this, and for my laptop it's not really viable. since I lose my network card. And I've would have to remove the SD-Card slot, and I kind of need it. So after some search, my question is: does a mini pcie to USB Type-C adapter exist? So I could use it for a GPU, wireless USB....

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