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  1. Yes, I put a small book under the rear edge of notebook (to make airflow more effective) (In advance I have i5 model that produces less heat than i7)
  2. My expirience... Bios mod is still working fine for me, flashing was successfull, and notebook works correctly now, core clock is 970 and memory 2000. Max Gpu temp is 76C. I will change thermal paste soon to decrease max temp to 70..)
  3. Yes, Nvidia Inspector shows memory clock = 2001mhz, and Gpu-z shows 1000,4.. p.s. as we know memory clock increasing doesn't give you much more perfomance...
  4. 1.5 hour of play in Far Cry 3 with new bios mod. Max Gpu temp was 76C. Clocks doesn't drop (still 970mhz))) Everything works well..very well)) 3dmark2011 - P2516 (I have i5 model). svl7 thank you! great work! Will continue testing)
  5. No I didn't change termal past (but I'm thinking about this), I have an i5 model so max temps for me a little bit lower))
  6. Today I played in NFS MostWanted and after 5 minutes I get downclock to 745mhz when gpu temp was 67C...and after that I wasn't able to increase this base clock..lol..seems that new dell drivers are not really fixing the gpu boost problem...and we still need new modded bios with higher clocks.
  7. I flashed stock(not modded) A11 bios and then install new dell 307.07 A03 driver, then I overclock card to 1035/2250 mhz (with Nvidia Inspector .bat files) and run 2011 3d mark and get "2661" points without gpu boost disable or downclock. Then I played in World of Tanks for 2 hours, max gpu temperature - 66C, and there is no downclock! Still 1035/2250mhz )) Unbelievable) I will continue testing))
  8. svl7 could you please make bios with 970/2200 default clocks for us (when you have time) Now I have 2211 score in 3dmark2011, before last bios mode it was ~2000 points) I want to test stability of the system on higher clocks) Thank you in advance!
  9. As soon as after overclocking video throttles to base 835mhz (after last bios mod) , we could ask svl7 to make bios with default 970mhz core clock and 2200 mhz memory)) GPU will not have boost and will not throttle (it seems to me easier than trying to fix boost disabling bug.. just to find max stable clocks with turned off boost and be happy). Then we could test stability of these clocks/temperatures/perfomance. (More than 970mhz seems for me to be not very stable for this notebook, but who knows:joyous:)
  10. One more hour of game in World of tanks, 835 mhz don't drops) Max gpu temp during game - 65C. Perfect) Now I'm thinking about small overclocking))
  11. It seems that we have first great results I played 40 minutes in different games and clocks doesn't drop to 745mhz!! This is the gpu-z log for last 20 minutes in Crysis2: crysis2.txt Without that modded Bios gpu boost always disables after 40sec in Crysis2! Now clocks were always at 835mhz, max gpu temp was 74C (you could see everything in log file). Awesome)) Great job) Thank you svl7!! I will continue testing))
  12. It seems that smth wrong with flash.bat, when I run this file it just immediately closes with no result. I try to perform it in 'cmd' and it says that "I" command is not valid, then I delete "echo ********* T|I ****************" from this .bat and it could be successfully run. Now I'm going to restart and test the results)
  13. Ok, I'm ready, what kind of tests? (Should I backup smth before?)
  14. Yes, and got the same error. Please refer to attached image.
  15. Seems that Dell signs it's bios with some signature. svl7 do you know how to come over this (if I'm right)?)
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