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  1. Lenovo Y570 Intel Core i7 (2nd Gen) 2630QM / 2 GHz 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333 iGPU Intel HD 3000 (installed, disabled) dGPU GeForce GT 555M (inactive) Windows 10 Pro EXP GDC 8.x via mPCIe (WiLan) eGPU Gigabyte Windforce GTX770oc 2gb; ATX 480w Vizio M470VT 47″ HDTV Stability Problem After much tweaking (flash bios, replace PSU, disable dGPU, acquire eGPU Setup 1.35) I have overcome boot hangs and errors 12 & 43. I can now boot to Windows with my eGPU “working properly”. But it is unstable. I can run the render in CPU-Z and can start Civ V and VI (my only two games) with success. Both games startup and I can navigate the menus and load or create a new game, but both games crash at the moment the screen would switch from ‘loading’ to the onset of the actual gameplay (they run fine, but with poor performance, with the iGPU). I have found that if I change my ingame video settings to the absolute lowest and lower my resolution to 1024×768 that I can sometimes successfully enter gameplay and maybe play one or two turns before the system crashes. I have had four different outcomes with this crash; – black screen and freezes (usually this one) – black screen but system stabilizes on main display and reports FGXRenderer11:Present failed hr=DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. Driver failure – black screen and app restarts – black screen and system restarts Attempted fixes: I have updated DirectX and installed the latest nVidia drivers. I have slowed my eGPU to 80% using MSI Afterburner I have given the eGPU PSU its own power outlet I have set my eGPU to Gen1 via Setup 1.35 I have reduced my PCI bus from 2 to 1.1 Given that I’m able to get to windows with my eGPU “working properly” without errors 12 and 43, does that eliminate the possibility that: – a DSDT override could be the fix? (I attempted it but found it too difficult) – continued adjustments to my eGPU Setup could solve the problem? What’s my next move? I’m not to the point where I’ll replace/shield/make a new PCIe_HDMI cable though I’ll get there eventually. Are there any clues that anyone could glean from: – the point in those games where the crash is occurring and the error displayed? – the performance log from CPU-Z Anything you can offer to determine which of the following is the problem or where I should go next is hugely appreciated! This stuff is really way over my head, but I’m determined to get it to work! Is it: – drivers/software (DirectX) OR – configuration (Bios; Setup 1.35; DSDT; Windows) OR – hardware (power, cabling, failed components) My next plan is to try and: – roll back my eGPU driver to the one that @xRay got to work – see if I can run 3DMark – install some free 3D game from Steam If anyone can suggest other benchmark/diagnostic software or a free Steam game that might be good for testing, please do. Thanks so much for your help! Frustrated but determined…
  2. Hey all, overcoming one hurdle at a time trying to configure my system: EXP GDC beast Lenovo Y570, 2.0Ghz, 8GB RAM GTX 770 2GB (powered by a 480ATX powering only the eGPU via EXP GDC) I've overcome Bios problems, black screen boot, eGPU power shortage, Windows error codes 12 & 43 on the eGPU. I have installed eGPU setup 1.35 and can now get the machine to boot, recognizing the eGPU and displaying to my external TV. Device Manager has the iGPU disabled and the eGPU working properly with updated drivers. DirectX drivers are also up to date. But it seems I may have a Direct X problem. I'm trying to run Civ V and VI and with both games, I am able to start the game using the eGPU. The games will run until I create a new game and it begins to load, then I either get a black screen crash, or occasionally a notification: FGXRenderer11:Present failed hr=DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. Driver failure This seems to be the same time my iGPU would switch to the dGPU (555 M) but it is currently not installed and doesn't appear in my Device Manager menu. So is my problem a DirectX issue? Or a hardware config problem? I can use GPU-Z to change Bus Interface to v2.0. I'm sorry I'm really short on knowledge around these issues, but I'm getting closer. I really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, thanks for the great info on setting up my EXP GDC PCIe V8.0. It's on order, but I thought I'd check in and see if anyone had any precautions or sees any issue with my setup: I have a Lenovo Y570 (i7 2630QM, 8GB, Win10). No issue removing my PCIe Wireless card as it'll become a stationary box where I can use a cable ethernet connection to my router. I plan to purchase a GTX 770 or 680 2GB. It looks like on the resale market I can get a 770 for a little less and by most reports, it performs a little better. I'll be connecting to my TV via HDMI and will disable my laptop screen (it's actually already smashed). I'm not looking for high end performance--just good enough to play Civ VI with decent video settings and good performance (which the onboard GT 555M isn't good enough to provide). Hoping this affordable option can meet my needs. Can I assume this setup will work fine? Anything I need to prepare for? I have an ATX power supply available. - is it an issue that the graphics card is PCI x3 and the EXP GDC is X16? Thanks again!
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