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  1. Thanks Grayson, Thats something I considered though I figured due to the fact the power supply was only running the video card it wouldn't need the full 550w. As well I tested it on my brothers desktop which is running 375w supply and it ran fine for 2 hours of use. It's at that point I ruled out the power supply.
  2. Not Afterburner but Zotac's Firestorm does the same thing. I'll drop it down to 80% and give her a try. Also should not, just played an hours worth of Star Citizen no problem. I was sure that game would crap out the card. Edit: Tried War Thunder again at both 80% and 110%, getting 60-110 fps at med graphics. Both times it blacked out (still could hear audio feed, not just a loop) for a minute then would come back and I could keep playing. Then about 2 minutes later it gave out completely, no video, and an audio loop. Had to do a hard restart then. Edit 2: I think I may have found the solution. I have the card overclocked and I put on the Vsync on War Thunder and played a couple games with no issues. Going to tinker with it more, but I think I may have just been stressing it out.
  3. Sorry by run better, meant the couple times its crashed when using 7s its seems to have recovered (doesnt crash complete just lag's out for a second the comes back). Though that could just be random as I havn't found any patterns to explain the cause. I'll try giving the cable a wiggle next time.
  4. Hello All, I've recently purchased the Beast v8.4d and a Zotac GTX 970. I'm using my old 475w PSU to power this set up, which is all hooked up to a Lenovo Y580 (i7-3630QM). This was very much a plug and play, and I did notice lots of improvements in my graphics and frames. However I am experiencing an issue where the 970 will suddenly give out. This can be both under load or idle, and at random times between 10 mins and 2-3 hours of running. Some times I loose my external monitor and my intel graphics will kick in, or the computer will just freeze up at a black screen, or a blue screen with the VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR. The GPU seems to run better when I move it over to the 7s PTD but still has the issue at times. I had a gpu-z log running during one of the crash's and it just show the load of the graphics suddenly drop to 0, as well as the clock speed spike. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Spartan-463 Also should note, I tested the card in a different desktop computer and it ran fine for 2 hours under load.
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