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  1. On windows 7 I've just the driver from the AMD website. On Windows 10 I tried that also but it didn't work. You say that first installing the old driver works?
  2. I've fixed it for Windows 7. Just bought a new card also the 7970M and that card works like a charm. On windows 7. I dual Boot with Windows 10 but can't get the card to work. In Windows 10 I have to disable internet connection because otherwise my laptop completely freeze after a minute because Win10 won't stop auto downloading drivers. When I've installed all the drivers for the laptop and finally install the driver for my card it freezes at "Installing AMD Display Driver" This happens like evertime. My laptop locks up when I try to install the amd driver. Someone mentioned the premamod bios. I've already tried that with the old card but it didn't did anything special. Maybe I can flash it again because I've a working card now. Someone said I need a newer BIOS to have Win10 functional properly. Is that true? I'm now on my stock BIOS. Greetz Jamie
  3. Hi, I have a Clevo P170EM with an AMD 7970M. Last year I tried to change the vBIOS of my 7970M, a friend of my tried to change it because he wanted to ''overlock'' the card. He said no worries I said okay do it, then later on he returned my laptop and bricked both my card and the normal BIOS. I had to repair the laptop trough a repair company in the city. They only could repair the BIOS by doing another BIOS on it. They said to try everything with the card but my laptop wouldn't accept it. The problem: After the Windows 10 installation I installed all the drivers from the manufacters site (http://www.eurocom.com/ec/drivers(226)ec). Including the SSD driver, then I FIRST installed and fully updated the Intel HD Graphics. After that I installed the AMD videocard drivers (crimsons edition), the weird part is, AMD autodetect sees my card and so does Windows. Then the driver ask me to restart my laptop, after restarting the Windows logo appears then the screen goes black with a blinking cursor left upper screen. I believe it has someting to do with the vBIOS of the card and I also believe that the card is not bricked but just wrong BIOS. I asked the manufacter and they say that the card may be bricked, when I ask for the BIOS they would not provide it for free (bastards). I asked for both the motherboard and AMD card BIOS, they said I have to pay for it. Question: Can someone provide information and files for the right vBIOS? I mean the vBIOS that is standard. Greetz, Jamie P.s I have some pictures and screenshot of Windows and the BIOS detecting the graphic card, the weird thing is both OS and BIOS detect the card but when I install the drivers it goes black P.s.s I already tried everything AMD support provided so I have no use for comments like ''Try unistall with DDU'' or try with second monitor etc. As you can see I've disabled the card because when I enable, Windows freezes and screen goes black.
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