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  1. Thanks for the feedback. That sounds like a sensible idea. I'll pass it on to the team.
  2. I asked the team about the CPU power monitoring. It seems there was a concern that it didn't work reliably, or at all, with some hardware. We're going to look into it again and see whether that is still the case.
  3. Hello. James from Futuremark here again. We've confirmed that there was an issue with the GUI, and we're in the process of rolling out an update (3DMark v2.2.3509) that should fix the scoring discrepancy. With this update, overall scores increase slightly by up to 0.3%. Scores from the Physics and CPU parts of benchmark tests may improve by up to 2.5%. These changes bring the scores from 3DMark v2.2.3509 back in line with results from earlier versions that did not have the GUI issue. For context, it is normal for 3DMark scores to vary by up to 3% between runs since there are some factors in a modern, multitasking operating system that cannot be completely controlled. So again, all credit to @Papusan for noticing the problem and bringing it to us. To get the update, just open 3DMark and you should get a notification with the option to install it. The Steam version and Steam demo have also been updated.
  4. Hi. James from Futuremark here. We've been looking into this today, and I'd like to share what we've found. The Fire Strike workload has not changed at all since 2013. This means that Fire Strike scores should not have changed across app versions either. We've confirmed that running 3DMark from the command line gives consistent scores across all versions. Unfortunately, it does look like there is an issue when running recent versions from the GUI. We see the same ~2.5% difference in Physics test scores across GUI versions that @Papusan reported to us. We believe we have found the bug in the GUI, but we need to run some more tests to be sure. @Mr. Fox, the differences that you are seeing in your results are much larger, and it is not clear why. We would be grateful if you could contact us at [email protected] so we can go through some troubleshooting steps with you. Thank you, @Papusan, for bringing this to us. I am sorry that we have been slow to respond. I understand how frustrating that is. I'll post here again when we have more info to share.
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