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  1. @Mr_Western thank you for the tips i will try that asap. my intel graphics are the only display driver i have so i will keep that as you mentioned and also re-enable my lan. *update: i tried hot swapping the gpu in while the pc was on sleep, one time it made my pc start to unsleep but blackscreened me, i unplugged while still in black screen and i heard the windows disconnect hardware noise (which is the first i have heard either a connect or disconnect noise from the expresscard..) Second time it didnt unsleep my pc so i did manually and was still black screened. I have tried to install the drivers from nvidia with it plugged it but it says System not compatible which i am hoping just means its not finding it right now. Also sometimes the gpu powers fully on and sometimes it seems like its running very low, fans not fully powered on. I thought i had that problem fixed and was able to get it to full power on each time but at the moment i can only get low fan power.
  2. Hi guys, new to the forums i have read over the last few pages of this thread and also the trouble shooting guides that are around, and have tried numerous other websites for info so i figured i should try here: I bought the exp gdc 8.0 expresscard version, along with a 1050ti and a 500w psu, connected to an HP e2540p I have connected everything as it should be, but for some reason my pc is not picking up the connection, its not automatically finding it, nor will a manual hardware scan work. The gpu is on and fully running along with a green light. I have made sure the expresscard slot is open in the bios, tried booting the the pc with egpu plugged in but not on, hitting f8 to stop windows from booting, turning epu on then going to windows, along with booting the gpu in sleep mode, and while the pc is booting itself. Still no luck on finding the egpu. I have disabled lan and updated my bios. I cant seem to figure out why its not picking up the card at all. I do not have another lap top handy to see if the wire works on another but i will try to do that somehow soon. If anyone could offer advice it would be much appreciated. Attached a few pics for reference.
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