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  1. hello I am new to this forum , but this specific trhead was the reason to buy an E6430 i7 3740qm with NVS , and still waiting for it. As I couldnt find any specific part number for RAM I ordered 2x8 gb hyperx 2133mhz cl11 (I couldnt find any cl12 as mentioned) and I hope that I could get it to work I am faschinated by the egpu concept , but as I need mobility I will probably select the express card solution (try to find PE4C v2.1 for future experimentation ) but is there going to be great loss in the simple expresscard than the x2 ? And one more for now ... I see that there are docking station who mention usb3 and some which not , but the same model (no part number) , is there 2 different docks or it depends on laptop to have usb3 support ? Thanks in advance

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