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  1. I'm in the same position as @Plastixx (bought Dell DA-2 in the end) also trying to run a 1050 Ti on BEAST v8.4d HP 2560p 4GB RAM i5-2450M Booted into windows 10 after setting delay to 7s. Card recognised in device manager but error 12 I think I will have to bite the bullet and fork out for the program, will report back if it's been a success. p.s. if anyone's in the UK you can get super cheap used DA-2 power supplies from ebay, bought mine for £8 inc postage.
  2. I was more after specifics of the adapter itself but since found a cheap Dell DA-2 which will work. I've still not seen any examples of anyone using the 12v DV input, it seems most use an ATX supply or the 8-pin Dell.
  3. Hi all, Total newbie here so apologies if this has been covered but i couldn't find a definitive answer elsewhere in the thread. I'm planning to use the EXP GDC BEAST ExpressCard with a GTX 1050 Ti. This is a relatively low power (75w TDP) card without the additional PCIe power connection needed. Firstly is it possible to use only the 12v DC input with this card and secondly, are the any specific ones people have used or can recommend? Previous versions of the adapter could use the Dell DA-2 laptop supply but newer versions just have the generic 12v DV input. My end goal is to construct an enclosure so it's pretty key to be able to only use a 12v power block and not a full size ATX. Thanks!
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