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      Introducing T|I Marketplace/Classifieds!   11/24/16

      After a long wait, Tech|Inferno now has a Marketplace/Classifieds section where all registered (promoted and above) members can participate in selling, trading and seeking out items. This service is free to all members to use as they wish. Currently all ads last for a period of 14 days before they expire for promoted users. Those users belonging to T|I Elite, Contributor, Developer and Moderator have access to 30 day ad periods that are featured   Some easy rules to remember: Do not post multiple ads of the same product. Do not advertise here if you are a retailer or business. You must contact Tech|Inferno for advertising space. Keep ads civil, do not try to lowball members. You may contact them in private via PM if you feel their price is not to your liking. Harassing members will result in an infraction. It is recommended you have Heatware/eBay feedback to establish trading credibility.    Tech|Inferno assumes no liability for any sales posted in the Classified section. Always use common sense when buying/selling with traders and ask for their heatware/ebay feedback!   Enjoy!


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  1. hy there guys,i have the same issue i cannot seem to be able to download any files, can anyone please help me? thank you
  2. how to oc the ram?
  3. is it possible to SLI gtx 680m 2gb with 4gb one?
  4. how does tour laptop keep up with current games
  5. best place apart from ebay for used m1bxr1 parts?
  6. best place apart from ebay for used m1bxr1 parts?