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  1. Hey there! Cheers for that mate; I'm having a crack at it tonight and will post back to say everything's good and well hopefully. The power supply I have is 240W btw. Also cheers @J95 for the help. I'll have a proper crack now that it's a little clearer!
  2. Hi all. New here to T|I after realizing BF1 wouldn't run without updated drivers. I had hoped I wouldn't have to do this since I had a friend fix up my AW M17xR4 with a GTX 880M; he told me under no circumstances should I do anything without his help... but since he's passed on now that leaves me with little choice. I never really wanted to worry about it until now, but I guess I was only stalling the inevitable. Ever since then I've been running the 345.20 drivers. What worries me most is that I'll end up bricking my display, and while I'm not running W10 nor do I have PrecisionX installed, the last thing I need is for my system to cost me more than it already has. I've already had the mobo burnt once and the display bricked as well. Agh, I regret having ever bought this laptop. Specs Model: Alienware M17xR4 OS: Win7 Pro x64 CPU: i7-3740QM @ 2.70 GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 880M RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 Storage: 256GB SSD While I'm ashamed to admit that I'm probably less tech-savvy than my baby boomer gramps, it would be an exercise in futility to pretend otherwise. On that note, I should say that I have no idea how to follow the instructions given by J95 for the 372.95 drivers. To me it just seems very cryptic, so I hope you can forgive me. I'm probably asking for special treatment here, but I'll do anything I need to to help-you-help-me.

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