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  1. Thanks!! I do always turn of the eGPU and unplug before every boot By the way, I got another problem. I just re-installed my windows8.1 on external ssd using the link you've provided http://bleeptobleep.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/mac-install-windows-7-or-8-on-external.html but external ssd freezes every time I try to install BootCamp driver.... do you know what is the problem for this is?
  2. - Yes, I use Macbook Pro Retina Display(Early 2015 13inch) -I've tried all possible plug in methods: plug in while macbook is off --> black screen when turn on macbook plug in while in boot option menu --> boot option menu freezes plug in right after selecting windows from boot option menu --> infinite spinning wheel plug in as soon as I see spinning wheel appear after selecting windows from boot option menu --> infinite spinning wheel plug in few seconds after spinning wheel appears --> windows boot up, but does not recognize gpu. let windows boot automatically without passing through boot option menu, and plug in as soon as spinning wheel appears --> works for less than 5% (less than 5% in a sense that when it decides to not work, it doesn't work no matter how many times I try) - turning on macbook with egpu connected and powered on always gives me black screen, no matter how many times I try. even after going back and forth from osX or doing NVRam Clean up. - windows without egpu works perfectly. I tried using latest windows NVIDIA Driver, but had 0% success rate. driver 372.70 has 5% success rate though. Nvidia 368.39 doesn't support my gtx1060 unfortunately... I have one question though. is it normal to have gpu's fan spinning at its max speed when there is no other connection to gpu except the power supply? So when I power on the akitio box without any thunderbolt connection, akitio box has green light turned on and has no fan movement, but gpu's fan spins like crazy. And when I connect akitio box to powered on macbook, akitio box turns to blue light, its fan starts to spin, and gpu's fan slowly stops. Is this normal?
  3. I have exact same setup as you do, but I rarely gets successful bootup. I get black screen no matter how many tries if I turn on the macbook with thunderbolt cable plugged in. I've been trying this for two weeks, so please, if you can help me with this..... What version of nvidia driver do you use? did you update your windows8.1? what version is your osX? and your setup worked on both external drive and internal ssd right?
  4. Did anyone succeed in getting gtx1060 work on 2015 early MBPr 13''? It seems like 2015 early MBPr 13'' do have many problems when it comes to egpu. And I can see some people got gtx900s egpu working through windows 8.1 on external ssd, and some weird booting procedure, but I can't find any threads about GTX1000s working on 2015 early MBPr 13''. Is there anyone who got these two working together?
  5. Yes, Mine is 2015 13'' MBPr. This thing really stresses me. I've tried every method I can, but still can't have it boot up. I've even installed windows8.1 on external ssd, but it never works. I have it worked about 5times past 2 weeks, probably boot up rate less than 5%.
  6. Thanks! I just installed windows 8.1 on external SSD and tried to eGPU, but it never works. I've tried your powering process, but booting with thunderbolt cable attached always gives me black screen even after shutting down through OsX. I've tried NVRam clean up, tried, hot plugging thuderbolt cable while in boot option menu, while loading, and all other boot up methods, but never works!!!! what could possibly a problem? and by the way, what version of nvidia driver do you use?
  7. Thanks for your advice!! so power supply wasn't the problem for my egpu system... So why wouldn't my early 2015 MBPR 13'' wouldn't boot into windows8.1 with egpu connected....
  8. Thanks!! So it is nomal to have video card powered on like that right? It shouldn't affect the actual booting of windows right?
  9. I've got my Dell Da-2 connected to gtx1060 and akitio box with 8pin to 6pin&2.5mm barrel. It powers both graphic card and akitio box very well. But, shouldn't graphic card be turned off when akitio box is in green light? In other words, shouldn't graphic card be running only when akitio box is connected to a powered on macbook? My graphic card just runs crazy even when akitio box is turned off in green light, and slowly settles down when the box turns on and emits blue light. What could be the problem? Somebody please help
  10. HI, Thanks for your tip. have you tried windows10 on external ssd? if you did and worked, which build did you use? I heard that windows10 with anniversary update ruins the egpu, and it works better on build 1511 windows10. Have you tried that?
  11. Hi, I just installed my egpu with akitio thunder2 pcie box, Dell DA-2, and gtx1060 but I have problem with getting it work on win10. I followed . Install Windows with Bootcamp. If you want to install Windows in a secondary drive you have to create a Windows partition with Bootcamp, install Windows and then clone it to the secondary drive with an specific software. In my case I used Wineclone. If not, install Windows with Bootcamp as usual. Install the Bootcamp drivers without the ATI drivers. Connect the Thunderbolt cable into the Macbook Pro. Turn on the eGPU. Turn on the Macbook Pro. Push ALT button and boot in Windows. Install the last Nvidia drivers. Restart, choose Windows again and you have the eGPU working on Windows. These steps from but, I got black screen and infinite spinning wheel when restarted after installing Nvidia Driver. After rebooting 10 or more times, I finally got it to work, but when I disconnect thunderbolt cable and reconnect it, its blackscreen and infinite spinning whell all over again. I could get it to work if I reboot for 20minutes or so..... everyone else seems to have it work flawlessly after the first recognition, but I am constantly getting these problems... what might be the problem? I use 372.70 nvidia driver, and OSX El Capitan untouched. Could it possibly be Dell DA-2 that is causing these problems?
  12. I just bought gtx1050ti, and found out that it doesn't support any additional power supply. would akitio thunder2 pcie box support gtx1050ti without additional power supply? if it does not, is there a way to give additional power to gtx1050ti with Dell DA2 ?
  13. Thanks, found this on ebay Akitio Thunder2 90 Degree PCI-E External Video Card Box Power Supply Solution http://www.ebay.com/itm/331994012638?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT NEW Genuine Dell 220W DA-2 AC Power Adapter OptiPlex USFF SX280 GX620 M8811 http://www.ebay.com/itm/111065612531?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT would these two work together?
  14. Hi, I'm trying to build my own eGPU with akitio thunder2 PCIe box, Dell DA-2, and GTX970 And Here's the question. Is there any reason why people use expensive PSU instead of cheap Dell DA-2 PSU? Is there any downside for using Dell DA-2? I read from somewhere that cheap PSU can cause voltage drop that would burn up the GPU, is it because you use different PSU for akitio board and GPU? if it is, would Dell DA-2 enough to power up both GPU and the akitio board?
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