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  1. so with the edited devcon file it is now possible to set the endpoint to 56.25GB but the gpu won't show up in the device manager. i did remove the 4GB RAM stick leavin just the 2GB in it and everything seems to work. to use more RAM i need to do a DSDT override .... right? edit: ZIP link for the Windows Binary Tools is down.
  2. hi guys hi @Tech Inferno Fan, i wanted to setup an egpu for my hp elitebook but got the error code 12. so i did get the diy setup 1.3 from nando to get rid of the error but i couldn't manage to do it. first of all the hardware hp elitebook 8470p - i5-3320m - 4+2 GB RAM - intel hd graphics 4000 (no dedicated gpu built in) - 256gb samsung 850 pro ssd - win 10 pro 64 bit egpu - radeon rx480 8gb - PE4C V3.0 (PCIe x16 Adapter) with expresscard - dell d220p-01 psu the tolud is under 3 gigabyte. i was able to hotplug the gpu 2 times while the system was booting up without any errors and could play games. everything worked perfectly. but i don't want to sit 20 minutes everytime hotpluging the egpu until it works. so this is where setup 1.3 comes in. unfortunately i couldn't get it working and need your help. here are some pics with "failures" i get while setting it up. sorry for my english and thank you. pic 1: setup 1.3 overview with its status pic 2: warning i get if i try to test run the chainloader pic 3: warning i get if i try to set a 36 bit endpoint in pci compaction pic 4: error i get setting up the pci compaction (error highlighted in red)
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