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  1. @joluke@inphtech YOU'RE RIGHT! The driver signature enforcement disabling is valid for only one boot! Since I disabled driver signature enforcement first and then I ran DDU, I was no longer in the disable driver signature enforcement session. I'm sorry for my noobiness! THANKS A LOT @joluke@inphtech AND THANKS FOR THE MODS @J95!
  2. But I pressed F8 while booting and selected 'Disable Driver Signature Enforcement' as mentioned in step 2. Is it something else?
  3. Hi @J95 and others, First of all, thank you so much for modding! So I tried all the steps you have mentioned but the driver is not installing. I'm getting a "failed" message. Before I proceed, let me tell you my system info. I have an Alienware m17xR4 and I have the latest Windows 10. I recently bought nVIDIA gtx 970m and the laptop is in switchable graphics mode (the graphic card won't work in dedicated graphics mode). I will also mention everything I have done so far. 1. I flashed Prema's bios mod for 970m 2. I disabled driver signature enforcement using the menu in F8. 3. I ran DDU and used "clean and shutdown" option. 4. Then I downloaded nVIDIA 375.95 drivers using the link you mentioned in your post. I extracted them. 5. I went to the Display.Driver folder and overwrote the two files nv_dispi.inf (including nvdmi.inf) for Alienware windows 10. 6. I deleted the unnecessary folders. This was the list of files I had. 7. Then I ran setup.exe. I have tried both custom and express install but still I get the "failed" message. Please help!!! P.S: I previously used the drivers provided by Windows updates. The nVIDIA setup would not even recognize my GPU but now it does. But still the drivers won't install.
  4. Hi guys, I'm totally new to this (I know zilch about modding). I recently got a GeForce 970M for my alienware m17x R4. After the auto updates, everything is working except PhysX. So I guess I'll need to add a custom driver. Can someone please explain all the steps to me? If there's already a post explaining everything for a noob, can someone please direct me to that post? I'm really sorry guys, but I can't exactly understand @J95's steps. I know I'm such a noob Thanks!
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