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  1. I work on laptops daily and I can tell you this happens with any brand it comes down to how much they really QA the build and who is manufacturing the boards pegatron, foxxcon, wistron, etc. etc. Only thing HP i can say bad is BEATS hahah they upcharge 100% when they slap that stupid beats logo on crap OMG hahah I've had all brands crap the bed right out of box, just depends how much of a profit margin they are looking for with that model (businesss models are more about the service contracts etc.. so companies usually stick higher end components in them for shorter downtime and repeat business purchases, your company wouldnt be a repeat customer if their hardware kept failing with little or no use)
  2. @FFTHEGREAT yea I feel the same way I prefer to stretch it out as long as I can or if I find something better (but for now with a 9cell and extended battery) nothing can touch it I get an easy 10hr heavy use on the road. I'll be doing my own mods for this unit coming up take a look at the i7-3632qm doesnt have the speed of the i7 you picked but it's only 35w vs 45w quad core fun. No doubt I'll have to add the microcode to the bios (HP and RSA dont get me started). Also thinking of maybe doing docking station mod I'd rather a simple drop in and go approach instead of the akitio first I need to get my hands on a full size dock and tear it down I'll have to look on here if anyone has done anything with the docks first I guess.
  3. @FFTHEGREAT If it works 2570p I'd almost say yes just looking at the specs it should here's where HP CPU whitelist/microcode would come into play did they add this in a bios update ?? The Video and wattage matches up. Humm this CPU works in a 8470W but not listed for the 8470P (might need microcode bios mod) DAMN I like the dark grey 8470w but looks like an exact match internally 8470w has GPU so I just want the casing with a 8470p inside haha If you dont mind me asking that's a pretty beefy cpu what did you need all the horsepower for? Im currently using a i5-3210M with a dual drive setup (replace ODD with 2nd SSD) 16gb (this is the max as far as I know of for this model DDR3 2x16gb ram not sure anyone has tested it or if there is such a thing for DDR3) and I run vmware workstation with about 6 guest works fine unless 3 or more guest are taxing the cpu at the same time. i7-3840qm would be insane I'd def pass on the ATI model then since the GPU and CPU share/inline heatsink.
  4. @Tech Inferno Fan you are correct if you are on newer bios from what I understand. Old HP bios for this unit DID have a Whitelist for WLAN
  5. @FFTHEGREAT I currently have a 8470p I use daily I have to say I use to HATE HP stuff with a passion but whoever designed these ELITEBOOKS I love it! Only cons are No backlit keyboard, small screen res, bios whitelist, vent on right hand side. Pros style/design, expand ability, it stays ice cold unless taxing the hell out of the cpu (I did get the NON ATI version) OSx86 installs near perfect (this is why get the NON ATI unit if this interest you) now I do have the i5 version im sure the unit will get warm with the extra 10w if using an i7,but normal use my unit doesn't break 22C
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