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  1. Hello Just wonder if the same below can be applied to HM65 or HM76 as well? Or is there any other alternative to link these PCIe ports to achieve higher performance on HM6x,7x? It would be the biggest concern for me to purchase the SW. want to use x1E/x2E/x2/x4 higher performance pci-e links (x1E/x2E on Series-4 or older, x2/x4 on Series-5 or older chipsets)
  2. Originally I purchased the miniPCIe version and think it might be better for future extension. However, I don't know there would be compatibility difference between pcie & expresscard beside the difference on physical interface. I will try the expresscard way, the only thing is I need to purchase another expresscard cable again.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I just wonder is there any way to enable my HP 6470b to work with the adapter. Now it can be boot up after pin 22 isolation. However, seems the corresponding pcie port is disabled and can't be detected even in Aida64.
  4. Hello guys I have a exp gdc beast v8 and GTX1070 as the eGPU. Power is supplied by 450w ATX. I found there are some problems when connect to both laptops. 1. HP6470b CPU: i5 3320m (can upgrade to i7 2760 am) Memory: 4 x 2G (can upgrade to 2x8G) Chipset: HM76 No dGPU Problem: a. Blackscreen when start up no mater how to set the switch. b. Tried pin 22 isolation. Start up correctly on both "7s" and "14s", however, system can't detect the card. Look furthermore in Aida64, the pcie port where the eGPU is installed is missed. When switch back to wifi card, the PCIe port appear again. 2. Dell E5420 This is the one I'm using. It is almost out of box and no need any further configuration. After installed win10 the 3Dmark FSE shows ~8000 for graphics card. 30~45fps for GTA5 all high setting on 1080p. However, it has annoying instability issue. Game will randomly crash. Sometimes after 1 hour, 2 hours. Sometimes it works perfectly for 3 hours. One thing for sure is that if leave it running for whole night, no matter 3Dmark or GTA5 will crash at sometime. I do see there is suggestion that to run it under pcie 1.1 mode. However, is there any other one since it cause a lot performance loss. CPU: i7 2760qm Memory: 8G x 2 Chipset: HM65 No dGPU Since the same CPU/memory can be used for both laptop, I can try both and see which is the best one. The key concern is the performance and stability. Personally I tend to HP 6470b even though there is no success still now. However it's a newer platform right? Additionally, I see in another thread mentioned that 2 pcie 1.1 X1 port can be linked to form a x2 port. Can the same apply to HM65/76 on pcie 2.0 X1 port?
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