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  1. I run on hp8460p + exp gdc beast. You can use the EXP GDC ExpressCard or the PE4C ExpressCard versions. You won't be able to use the mpcie, because HP8460p BIOS has wireless card whitelist on mpcie ports and anything else won't work (you won't get past BIOS). There are also some tricks with expresscard, hp8460p supports gen1 and gen2, but I was not able to get EC gen2 working with any GPU with bus width higher than 128b. So if you stick with cards with bus width 128 you are good to go with EC gen2. The GTX 1060 will probably run only on EC gen1. You can see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_10_series I was running on GTX750 Ti on EC gen2 and now I am running on GTX1050 Ti EC gen2. You can switch EC gen in BIOS. You can test gen2 with GPU-Z tool. You will also need Setup 1.35 tool - https://***********/egpu-setup-13x/ otherwise you'll get error 43 in device manager. However, after I re-installed Win10 I didn't have to use the tool again, so give it a try without the tool first. You would also probably need to try different drivers, for 750Ti 388.71 version worked best for me and newer version caused error 43 or random crash. It took me about 2 weeks to get it working and stable.
  2. Error 43 can be solved using the eGPU setup 1.3x https://***********/egpu-setup-13x/
  3. @Mike Fox HP Elitebooks 8**0 require PCI compaction in Setup 1.30
  4. - Use DDU to clean up any installed Nvidia drivers, "Clean and restart" option. - After restart, download drivers from Nvidia and install. Restart - Should be working at this point
  5. make sure you have latest BIOS hit F8 at boot and try "last known good configuration" or "safe mode" uninstall all graphics drivers - use DDU http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html try to repair pc from windows media (dvd/usb stick)
  6. You are right, didn't see it with the card on as the plastic is scratched over it. Mine says v8.4d I have PTD switch (off/7s/15s) and green led Some experience with it over past two weeks. My setup HP 8460p, 8GB RAM, no dGPU, Intel HD 3000 Win 10 EXP GDC Beast V8.4d with EC Setup 1.30 (DSDT and PCI Compact) I am using External Monitor. BIOS latest and all the other drivers as well. I tried 3 GPUs, GTX 560 Ti, GTX 760 and GTX 750 Ti. I was not able to get EC Gen2 working for GTX 560 Ti and GTX 760, both cards report that only x1.1 as supported after I install NVidia drivers. Tried 3 different versions of drivers, all the same. screenshot of gpu-z here - However, I got x1.2 using the GTX 750 Ti using latest drivers without any issue. Of course, GPU-z reports x1.1 first, but quickly switch to x1.2 when card is under load. Whenever I switch EC to Gen2, the two first cards are even not detected, Win doesn't boot at all or everything is freezing after boot and PC eventually turns it self off. When I uninstall NVIDIA drivers (using DDU), PC works fine even with EC to Gen2, but thats useless Is there some trick to get those 2 cards working x1.2 or they just won't do it with EXP GDC?
  7. I bouth EXP GDC V8 recently, how can I tell if its 8.0 or 8.3?
  8. Thanks. Do you have the EC slot switched to Gen2? I have lots of micro-freezes when on Gen2. Fine on EC Gen1. Even when on Gen2 I only have Bus Interface at x1 1.1 in gpu-z
  9. Hi Idol, I have the same issue. Fresh Windows 10. Elitebook 8460p 8GB RAM Stuck at "code 12". Did you manage to solve it with Setup 1.x? thanks"
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