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  1. Hi I am 100% sure that I am using this guide. But the problem is....... I am not a hardware guy. I don't understand all this stuff :- (x) ordering all the parts (x) remove the stock GPU fan (x) attach the new fans to the GPU (x) tape the case and draw cutting and drilling positions (x) solder the cables: 6-Pin PCIe (x) solder the cables: barrel plug (x) solder the cables: power switch (x) cut the ventilation holes: top side (x) cut the ventilation holes: left side (x) drill the holes for the fan grills (x) cut the case for the fan (92mm in front is beeing partially blocked be the case structure) (x) cut the case 3x for the DA-2 power plug (x) glue the power plug into the case with two-component adhesive removing GPU fan.....Can't even think of it. Over that I have never soldered anything. Can you make a TODO video STEP-BY-STEP Guide of all this stuff. I know its hard to tear all of it again but if possible plz do a video....that would be really helpful If you make a video, the very next day I am gonna have this step done for me. Software step, running scripts & all other stuff is not an issue. But hardware is really difficult part
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