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  1. Yeah, my macbook doesn't wake up after going to sleep. Also, 750ti SC asks for extra power I think.
  2. @BAZZINGA Any card is fine as long as it doesn't have extra power connectors and fits. Palit will fit but you won't be able to close the Akitio lid. EVGA cards are rumored to be more compatible with EGPU (i have no idea why) and the card I'm using is so compact you can close the Akitio lid. But it becomes really warm. Good luck!
  3. Unfortunately I can't comment on eGPU behaviour in Mac OS because I don't have an external monitor. Only used the GPU under Windows 10. Are you using the external ATX PSU for power? It could be because of a faulty PSU or a faulty riser. I really don't think it's the clock. But I'm no expert. PS My ebay-bought Chinese 120w PSU died btw. Using a Universal 80w PSU for now. All good.
  4. PPS. to avoid confusion, the 90w adapter never got to me, so I had to re-order and went for 120w.
  5. Hey guys! Sorry to not have replied for a couple weeks. Yes, I have been playing Fallout 4 for a month off an Akitio with 750TI WITH A 60W adapter that was supplied with the Akitio. It worked for me. Cons: -GPU gets very hot after awhile -sometimes after 2-3-4 hours of play Fallout 4 and Windows with it would just freeze randomly. - Fallout 4 begins to visibly stutter after awhile (I'm guessing because the GPU throttles). A non-relevant issue, it sometimes takes up to 3 reboots to make W10 recognize the egpu for the internal screen after the Apple grey screen OS selection menu. That would not be a problem if I had an actual external screen. I have purchased a 120w PSU off Ebay (removed link, PSU died after 1 week) and it works perfectly well. I've been using it for a couple of days and the GPU is less hot and throttles much less. Update: PSU died after 1 week of use. Using another 12v Universal PSU for notebooks I had, it gives about 80w. Everything's working so far. All in all, I'd say that you can use the 60w psu for a frugal egpu like 750Ti but only if you don't need a lot of power and you are not using a high res. It works though. Also, per other question, I'm using the non-SC EGPU 750Ti with a single fan without any additional connectors. http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=02G-P4-3751-KR
  6. Hey BillyWang! My GPU still working properly, I spent a few days playing Fallout 4 on it and nothing happened, and yes I was using the enclosed 60w PSU. Sometimes I experienced visible slowdown (I'm guessing it's throttling) but the game was totally playable. 90w PSU still enroute (China Post ) Your card doesn't look like it's gonna need additional power. But I'm not familiar with this brand. I believe it will be fine with 90/120 w psu, just make sure it's 12v.
  7. Hello world! Been reading this forum for quite a while, thinking of how to make my old Macbook into something that would handle games. Ideally I wanted to play Fallout 4 and wanted to do it on an internal screen. I also wanted as clean of an install as possible (no PSU's or extra boxes. no soldering etc) So here's what I did. Components: 1) Akitio Thunder2 2) EVGA 750ti 02G-P4-3751-KR (the short non-OC version) 3) 90w 12v brick (still enroute) Process: 1) Opened up the Akitio. 2) Removed internal fan 3) Put in the 750ti with room to spare 4) Closed the Akitio. Then I stopped because I knew that the PSU that comes with the Akitio is too weak so I had to wait for a 90w brick that I ordered. But I really wanted to see if the whole thing would even be possible to set up in Windows/OS so I thought what the hell and plugged it in with the 60w PSU. 5)Just plugged it in normally and turned the Macbook on. 6) In OS X I used the automate-eGPU.sh script that's been lying around here on the forum. Don't forget to turn off the SIP before using it or it won't work. 7)After that the 750ti showed up in System Report but I don't have an extra screen to test it so I stopped there for OS X. 8)Booted into Windows 10 x64 (Boot Camp) with everything attached, installed the latest NVIDIA driver, rebooted - nothing. black screen after the OS selection. It probably wants an external screen. 9) But I found a way for it to work without the external monitor. First I unplug the Akitio. Then boot into Windows 10 normally using the iGPU. Whilst in Windows, plug the Akitio back in. Reboot via Windows's Start menu. Select Windows on OS select. BOOM! Boots into Windows WITH Akitio attached. Takes it a bit longer though for some reason. 10) After I got everything working I thought what the hell, I'll try benchmarking it. Worst case, it's gonna crash on me. I tested it with Unigine Heaven and 3dmark11. It held normally. 11) Then I thought what the hell I'll play some Fallout 4. So I did for about an hour and it worked admirably with the 60w PSU. Disclaimer: I understand the GPU was probably throttling heavily and it's not a healthy thing to do, but the 90w brick is on the way and I will be using that one when it arrives. That's all folks, I'll try to keep updating this post.
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