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  1. Hello everyone! Well, I have Fujitsu AH532 witch EXP GDC, Win10 and Setup 1.3 (for enabling gen.2 port on EC and disabling dGPU) My new card doesn't want to start in DOS (or setup) and Windows. It works only after I put my notebook to sleep and resume it from that. But after resuming I don't have 1.2 OPT, only 1.1. Do you know what to do in this case? I forgot to say that if I try to do it in plug-and-play way, the fans are either spinning to fast like on full speed or too slow.
  2. Hi all! Finally I got my EXP GDC with EC cable. For test I had two cards - GT640 and 980TI. I started with 640. After connect, disable dGPU and PCI comapction everything was working just fine - Windows 8.1 detected my card, I could run benchmark etc. But now after I connect 980TI fan just spins really fast. Can somebody help me with it? Thank you!
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