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  1. Hello everyone- (Sorry to those that saw my cut off post before... ) I need some help! I have an Alienware 17 that keeps turning off while gaming. It never gets over 55c (CPU) and 63c (GPU). I have cleaned the heatsinks, repasted via the guide on this forum and monitor the temps closely. It turns off playing Stellaris and No Man's Sky specifically but not while playing The Division or Company of Heroes 2 (Just to name a couple of games) Here are my specs: i7 4700mq GTX 780m (using custom vbios from TechInferno, I cant find it anymore, but paid a few bucks to access it) Intel SSD 750 Bios Version a14 Not sure there are any more relevant specs needed. Attached is the HWINFO log incase someone can see an anomaly I didn't. Thanks for any help you can provide. FortunoTredicim LOG 8-11.zip
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